Whitney....Are You in There Somewhere?

After seeing this album cover I can say 2 things:
  1. There is a God
  2. Never again will I doubt the power of Photoshop.


A Muse Among Us

Say hello to Leonore Scherrer

Wanna Roll with Tha CLIC

In this ever evolving metropolis its so easy to look up from your daily hustles and realize that your surroundings have completely changed. Often while bullshittin my way around south of 14th st, I'll stumble upon a new hotel or a new boutique, or sometimes if I'm really caught up in my head, I'll suddenly realize that a whole block has been wiped out: scaffolds and cranes and dust lay in its place. New York is in an eternal state of change which is probably why we're all in a rush all the time. Gotta see this or do that or go here before its all gone. This whole city is one of those 'LIMITED TIME ONLY' deals.

Pay homage to the past lives of NYC at CLIC Gallery this Wednesday with the opening of STOREFRONT: The Disappearing Face of New York. Featuring the work of urban photographers James and Karla Murray.

STORE FRONT is a photographic survey documenting the fast disappearing mom-and-pop stores of New York City. JAMES AND KARLA MURRAY spent more than ten years photographing the distinctive storefronts of family-run shops in neighborhoods throughout the city. From cheerful Italian bakeries with hand-painted murals to the dingy dive bar that became a local institution, the Murrays’ bright photographs are a striking visual record of how colorful and idiosyncratic each block of New York’s streetscape once was.
Opening Reception
Wednesday July 15
from 6-9
Clic Gallery
255 Centre Street

And while you're there pop around the corner and check out the Clic Bookstore at 189 Lafayette St. Its a well curated space, stocking only a handful of photograpy and art books. They keep the real goodies, their rare first-prints and collectible items, on the upper shelves. Make sure to peep them. Stylists, designers, photographers, and artist pay attention, Clic Bookstore is a gem for all kinds of amazing visual references.
Trust me. Go. You'll thank me later.


The Real Hood Wives: Round Two

For the arm candy of some alleged "ballers", these "housewives" sure got some hood shit going on.
Paternity Tests!!!

Phantom Record Deals!!!!
Wig Snatching!!!!!

Mark your calenders!
Set your alarms !!!!
Call your Mama!!!
JULY 30 @ 10pm

PS: I'm sure Anderson Cooper is jizzing with excitement as we speak! He know wassup!!