For All My Graffiti Lovin' Fashionistas: Marc Jacobs x Kaws

To commemorate 10 years of the Mouse Flat, taste maker and rampant lover of High and Low culture Marc Jacobs has collaborated with the street-art cult fave KAWS to release this beauty.

The MJ x Kaws mouse flat will be available at Collete in Paris, Original Fake in Tokyo and Marc Jacobs stores throughout the US & UK.

Happy Shopping!


Open Letter to Woody Allen (Not for the faint of heart)

Dear Mr. Allen,

I liked Vicky, Christina, Barcelona.....No, really I did.
The concept of 2 American Students being seduced and enraptured by the allure, sensuality and Joie de vivre of this Catalan city is genius. And quite fitting might I add, since the living in the old US of A isn't quite what its all cracked up to be (hello, the economy called...).

As well, casting attractive thespians such as Javier Bardem, Penelope Cruz and Scarlett Johannson, ......I'm all for it!




Writing and directing a visual masterpiece that includes the aforementioned threesome of hotties as, what else, a menage of hawtness that live, love and create art under one roof in the Spanish countryside.....You got me right where you want me, Dammit !!!

Having not a single moment of sweaty, Vino-fueled, menage hotness included in the final edit.....

How dare you get us all ready for...well, you know, and leave us hanging like that...all hot and bothered and pondering who we can call after the movie.....you know just to chat and take the edge off (Don't you dare judge me!).

I dunno. Maybe I've just been spoiled by the likes of serious film auteurs, like Pedro Almodovar, who know how to put on a show. Pedro isn't all smoke and mirrors. He knows how to deliver or should I say 'put out' !!

True Genius, Pedro Almodovar

With that being said, I will be eagerly awaiting my refund for the $11 that this cock tease has caused me and an additional $100 for the pain, emotional suffering and much needed massage (happy ending included) that followed the debacle known as Vicky Christina Barcelona.

Sincerely Yours,
Culture Snobette

A Fox and A Snob

oh yeah....i know it was like 3 weeks ago but let me sum up my SS09 Fashion week

Yes, this pic was plastered all over Style.com for a few days.
Damn, they caught a BK girl out there looking all crazy at the Alexander Wang After Party.



9pm EST
Keep it Clean Mofos!!!


C is for Cookie

Food is the new porn.


Yes, I am a Deadbeat Blogger

Hey Snobbers,
So I know i've been hella delinquent with my blogging lately.
Everytime I fall behind and neglect my blog, I always feel this sense of immense guilt and horribleness...sort of like those parents who leave their 3 year old children home alone. Or better yet, one of those parents who drive their car with a baby in their lap....

And then to make matters worse, I feel like I need some amazing and totally justifiable excuse when I actually do return....
Well, f%ck that.
I'm back. No excuse needed...no sob story....no promise that I'll be a better parent next time. Nope.

Remember Snobbers: There is always redemption for the fallen. Roll the Tape!!

Do you recall this debacle in 2007?

Now lets look at 2008

She looks just as confused as the rest of us!! Prolly has no idea where she is or what she got these awards for....


PS: And thanks to all of y'all for checking in daily to see what the hell up been up to. I see you, supporting a sista!! Appprec!