We in 'dere!!

Vogue BLACKS OUT!!!!

HHMMMM...... Seems like the peeps over at Vogue are really gettin' in touch with their Colored side.

First Mizz Obama,

Now Beyonce.....

I say two things:

  1. Despite my previous mixed feelings about Michelle (cuz of this).... I'm honored to have her as my First Lady and to see her grace the cover of VOGUE.
  2. Well...I guess WE Brown Girls do sell magazines.

Shoe Porn : Swagger Jackin'

File this one under "They Know They Need to Stop".........

Dolce Vita's Reno SS09

ACNE's Niara from SS08

All types of wrong.
I don't know how any self respecting design team can sleep at night knowing they straight played themselves like this.
Outta be ASHAMED!

And Big-ups to ACNE being so eternally innovative.
A wise person once said " Those who can, do. Those who can't, jack."

PS: that wise person was me.


American Ab Fab?!?!??!?!?



No! No! No!
Dammit America, why must you mess up everything?
You're just like a meddling parent.

Puppy Porn: Meet Gijsje

Look, he's even giving Puppy-Side Eye
Brown, Little, and Rude.
He's Just Like Me!!
I'm Speechless.

The Cutest Ever!!! ....In Life!!! ....In History!!!

Photo courtesy of DailyPuppy.com Adopt a Puppy Today

CoCo: Le Trailer....

Told ya it was coming....
Check out the trailer for Coco avant Chanel.
Well, I got my dates wrong. The Paris premiere will be April 22nd. US date is to be determined.

PS: Unlike Marie Antoinette, everyone does not speak English...Betta brush up on your French
Can't Wait!!!

Sound Trackin': Marie Antionette

Even if this were a silent film, Marie Antoinette would still be one of my favorite films.
The visuals alone are cavity-inducing-amazingness!!

The Pastries
The Champagne
The Hair
The Clothes
The Foot Rubs
The Glorious Excess of It All.....

In this scene, Sofia
Coppola chose "Fools Rush In" by Bow Wow Wow to capture delightful and heady Morning-After Feeling.
The magical rush of butterflies taking over the tummy.
Sublime, to say the least.

PS: I love how everyone in Versailles spoke English!!