Grammy Awards: The Snobby Way

So I'm just finished watching my Tivo-ed Grammy awards...

Rhianna and the Time:

A lesson in irrelevance, I say. While I fully appreciate her new haircut (ie: taking out her tracks), and I think her style has improved immensely, Her performance left me wanting more. The Time was a little lackluster as well, ( what?!? No "Quack Hallelujah" ?!?!) and they should have let Jerome do the intro.

Beyonce and Tina Turner:

B, Say hello to your future.
I found it so hilarious that Beyonce stepped on Tina's foot; and that Tina couldn't quite complete her karate kick and the end of "Proud Mary".
Beyonce Enjoy your youth, cuz next thing you know, some Pretty Young Thang will be singing "To the Left, To the Left..." with you and most importantly TO YOU!!

Kanye and Daft Punk:

'Ye was good, nothing amazing though. Personally, I think he could learn a lesson or two from Puff on the Art of performing.
Daft Punk...My Question to you: is that how you perform at your shows?? Granted you are a duo of robots, but i mean you're the functional equivalent of a Dj and someone flicking the lights.

Alicia Keys and John Mayer:

To be honest during this performance I Turned to Channel 25 WNYC to catch up on Full Frontal Fashion. And that's all i got to say...
Ps: Love the DoorKnockas though

The piece de Resistance (jouz no parlay France, obviously) Amy Winehouse

The performance was good by most standards, but Great based on her performances of the last year or so. She looks healthier, which i am definitely thankful for; and shes putting back on some weight. I loved all the shout outs to her incarcerated Husband Blake... so ghetto so great.

But the kicker for me was when she won the award for Record of the Year. The Camera was focused on her before the Simulcast delay got the news to her; So the viewer saw her entire honest reaction. She cried in utter, ran to her back up singers, people rushed the stage, a group hug ensued; and then she ran to hug her mum, whom she brought on stage with her. And by this time I was in tears.... Dennine too.

I love Amy. And I have for quite sometime. I appreciate that she writes her own songs and unbeknownst to many she used to play the guitar. Amy is a Real musician and Real Singer. and a real person as well, for the longest i feared that she would be found on some bathroom floor, overdosed like so many others, famous and non-famous (equally tragic in my opinion). When I said i hope she gets it together, in my heart of hearts I meant that.
Looks like this cynical stony heart of mine still has some blood pumping in it.

Please Watch this clip of her singing "There is No Greater Love" Live, to witness what Amy used to sound like.


Claire Huxtable, come get your Husband!!!

I'm sure you guys have heard about this by now, but I'll go ahead anyway.
Actor and Comedian Bill Cosby is rumored to be releasing his first Rap Album.
(Pause for effect...)
The album is said to cover such topics as Proper Parenting, Teen Pregnancy, Drug Abuse, Black on Black crime and a host of other things that Black People and Minorites need to hear (truthfully, it is).

No release date has been set yet. and i'm sure puffy will be producing at least one track on the album (hey its still all about the Benjamins yo!! Take That! Take That!)

(Side Note: this pic is gay as all hell!)

Here is the link to the AllHipHop.com article that started the buzz.

I blame Mizz Obama..........

There is nothing funnier to me than watching small children fall...except maybe this

Michelle Obama was too busy strutting up the stage to begin with...she shoulda been helping the man. He can't see Michelle!! He doesn't know how many steps there are dammit!! Instead of trying to look sexy in her tight booty pants, she shoulda been counting them off with him. And then she walks off ahead like it wasn't her fault leaving Uncle Stevie with some other dude.

Huh!! The nerve of her, Embarrassing my dear Uncle Stevie on National Television like that!!

But it was still funny.....sad and funny all at the same time.