Field Trip Summary Vol. 2 Hip Rock Reggae

The next event I made it to was this

Held at the Hiro Ballroom (nice venue, but its on the West side...so sad so unfortunate). This production seemed to be sponsored, hosted and endorsed by everyone (see the long ass list of logos), but unfortunately no one was running the show. As my mother would say "too many cooks spoil the pot." This is an example of poor delegation: their was no master of ceremonies to direct the evening. Bands just showed up, jumped on stage and proceeded to abuse the audience. All of the Hip Hop artists sounded like UK Garage and Grime circa 2005. The acts that were booked were super random. Mixing Rock, hip hop and Reggae, good, i get it. Just make sure that you do it right.

On a positive note: Hypnotic Brass Ensemble came thru and salvaged the evening.

They only did 3 songs but it was totally worth the Metrocard Fare (who am I kidding...that was my Dad's Metrocard). If you've ever walked thru Union Square, then i'm sure you've heard them. This group of brothers learned their craft from their Father growing up in Chi Town and have truly made a name for themselves here on the NYC Streets.

Watch this backstage impromptu performance with Mos Def at Brooklyn Academy of Music

Check out their Myspace page for music and performance dates. Myspace.com/hypnoticbusiness
And make sure to read their profile in the New York Times.

Now while I'm all about high culture, low culture, street culture, and whateva else people are calling themselves these days; I, Culture Snobbette, am a woman at the end of the day. So needless to say I have now become a fan of Game Rebellion!

Game Rebellion mixes Rap and Rock so effortlessly that they got thugs in their mosh pits.

Yeah, their music is good and their stage performance is amazing, but they've got something else going for them...

Front Man, Netic

I don't know I can't really put my finger on it...

Performing at the AfroPunk Fest in BK

Check out their Myspace for more porn..oops i mean music

Field Trip Summary Vol. 1 Yume Brooklyn

Its your girl Culture Snobbette here: So when i'm not at home sleeping, eating cake or watching Sex and the City reruns, i'm out and about rippin' and runnin these streets in my search for Superior Culture. In the past couple of weeks, i made it to a few live shows, gallery openings and parties. And here is my Field Trip Report. Keep Your Grades up Snobbers!!

The first event i made it to was this

Held at Yume Brooklyn, a Crown Heights Loft, which doubles as a retail outlet for new and emerging designers, as well as a gallery space for visual arts. I love it! You know i'm all about shopping and art, not to mention its in BK....nuff said.
Here are some pics that i took of the space and the party.



No, not that stuff silly!! This is where I fill all you Snobbers in on whats been going down since my last post.

  • Word on the street is that Cakeman Raven has re-opened for business... Hope he hired a Public Relations rep (to lie properly on his behalf) and fired his cleaning lady (more like cleaning Aunty or nephew, they got serious staffing issues!). And Contrary to popular belief, (Rhonda), my post about Cakeman wasn't intended to be evil, just super critical. I mean thats what I do here. Rather than just bitch and moan to y'all in person, I've taken it to the net where everyone can hear my big bitchy mouth( of course under the guise of this blog I also get people more involved in the music, fine arts, culinary arts and culture as a whole. But most importantly I want you all to be more critical of the nonsense that people try to pass off to us. I want us all to be more critical ) okay...enough with the After School Special, back to dishing the hate!!

  • In Local news, The former Williamsburgh Savings Bank of Fort Greene Brooklyn,
Has officially been regentrified/ reincarnated as The Amazing One Hanson Place.

On Wednesday January 16, the first tenant officially moved into the now Hi-Rise Condo and its famous clock tower resumed its time telling functions after being out of commission for roughly 17 months.
*** The Condo Will Kill Brooklyn!! Don't buy into this people! Fort Greene has like 1 Crackhead left. The Milks gone sour!! You saw how they turned out Williamsburgh, or "WillyB" as its now known. Granted the take over started a while ago, but not High Rise Condos!! Have you no decency people ?? ***

But check out this amazing picture that was featured in the Times (hey, its art).

Speaking of Crakheads: After having her photo taken...while SMOKING CRACK, Amy Winehouse actually went to rehab.

While I remember Amy's first album, you know when she actually sang, not slurrred her way thru performances and most importantly when she actually hid her drug use( I'm not that naive, she looks quite comfortable maneuvering that pipe).

I pray she gets it together for real for real and avoids the ominous fate of our beloved Gator

  • In the Political world, Obama took South Carolina in the states Democratic primary this past weekend.

While I don't know much about politics (sad, but true), I am Black (good and true).

  • And Last, but most definitely not least......I graduated from College on Thursday January 24, 2008 at 3pm

..So you know what means right?.... I've been officially armed and licensed to distribute my propaganda!! (all in the blessed name of Journalism)

Watch out Mofos!!! Here I Come.....


By the way those weren't chocolate chips....

Well it seems like their bad business practices have come home to roost and The Department of Health just wasn't havin' it!!

The Cake Man Raven "bakery" (we'll discuss that title bakery in a few...) of Fort Greene Brooklyn has been closed by the DOH. The "bakery" famous for long lines, bad service and sometimes Red Velvet Cakes, was closed last Wednesday due to, according to Cake Man aka Raven Patrick De'Sean Dennis III, "a mixup with permits" (ie: shady).
But according to a follow up that was conducted by New York Magazine, the DOH released this statement:
Cake Man Raven was closed following a routine inspection on Wednesday, January 9, 2008. The inspection revealed that Cake Man Raven was using an un-permitted commercial kitchen to prepare some of the food they were selling. In addition, fresh mice droppings were observed and cakes were not stored at the proper temperatures to prevent spoilage. In order to reopen, Cake Man Raven must rectify the violations and contact the Health Department to schedule a re-opening inspection.

Shady, trifling, just plain ole bad business!!
Unfortunately I'm not surprised that Cake Man got caught out there. He is not the greatest business man and I'm shocked that he has been open as long as he has.
Personally, I've had many run-ins with this alleged "bakery" and found them to be simply ridiculous and severely lacking in honesty and customer service (Don't tell people the cakes are being iced when ya damn well know there's no cake in the entire building!!)

For more of the testimonies of this "bakery" check out its customer review on Citysearch...all 23 of them


A Closer look at Culture Snobette

well Miss J2da9 didn't think i'd do it....so take that chump, in you face!
u should know i love a good challenge...

Two Names you go by:
1. Deej
2. Headaches

Two Things You Are Wearing Right Now:
1. My boyfriend's pink sweater
2. Pajama pants (borrowed as well)

Two Things You Would Want (or have) in a Relationship:
1. God
2. Constant Moments of Clarity

Two of your favorite things to do:
1. Going out to a new restaurant.
2. writing for my blog (i never knew how amazing this could be)

Two things you want very badly at the moment:
1. To get better (currently fighting a cold/flu, thanks dave)
2. To go back to Paris

Two pets you had/have:
1. Busta
2. All the gold fish i killed growing up (who knew they eat cold medicine..)

Two people you think will fill this out:
1. Lynda, if she had a blog
2. not sure

Two things you did last night:
1. i rested soo much that i thought i slept thru the entire night (8pm is not 8am dummy)
2. one word: Theraflu

Two things you ate today:
1. Grapefruit
2. Buttered bagel

Two people you last talked to:
1. Mom
2. Jaime

Two things you're doing tomorrow:
1. more meds and more rest
2. Try and make it to Sabbath lunch without making anyone else sick :(

Two longest car rides:
1. New york to Huntsville, Alabama ( 18 hrs going, 24 coming back)
2. some mad road trip from brooklyn to Disneyland with all of my cousins in a white Pontiac (oh to be 3 again)

Two favorite holidays:
1. I like them all
2. see above

Favorite beverages:
1. Champagne
2. Pineapple juice

Person no longer alive who you'd like to talk to:
1. Aunty Wilma
2. Mamaud and Grandad


No Pants in 2K8 Son!!

I saw this today on the New York Magazine website and I had to share...

Improv Everywhere has sent out the invitation to all to join them on their annual (thanks stupid head Jaime) No Pants Extravaganza!!
Improv Everywhere has been organizing this event since 2002 where train riders, under strict guidelines and protocol, take off their pants on the 6 train and ride from Brooklyn Bridge to 125st and back.

This is another reason why i absolutely love my freakin' city, people think up of random shit like this, and in the name of art and culture.... people actually do it!! It's genius!

Check out Improv Everywhere's website to see their previous "missions" and how you can join their artsy shenanigans...
ahh I live for this stuff.

Incase You Need to Brush Up on Your Gayness...

I don't know if i'm more shocked that this even exists or the fact that the University of Michigan thinks they can sum up homosexuality in 2-3 credits...
But Nonetheless if you feel your gayness slipping enroll in this English 317 class at the University to reinforce your homo.
I personally couldn't believe it till i viewed the entire course description on their online catalogue.
This class, entitled How to Be Gay: Male Homosexuality and Initiation, will introduce you to the cultural tenets of homosexuality: "Hollywood movies, grand opera, Broadway musicals, and other works of classical and popular music, as well as camp, diva-worship, drag, muscle culture, taste, style, and political activism.".......ahh this is too much for me.

Honestly, if you have to learn how to be gay...then maybe you're not gay, (hey, i'm just saying...)

We must also take into consideration that this is an english course, so, more so than taking field trips tp the gym, tanning salons and cruising strips, they'll probably just observe the portrayal of homosexuality in literature.

Feel free to pass this on to your cousin, neighbor, or any friend that you feel is struggling in their drag get up and simply having a hard time owning their "gay".

Please Snobbers, Discuss I can't wait to hear what y'all have to say.


Gimme Some MO......MA

So i finally made it out to see the Seurat Drawings exhibit at MOMA yesterday...damn near a whole 2 months after I initially set out on my journey.
And while Seurat was an amazingly prolific artist; He created a shitload of these amazing pieces

And While he is a technical genius; Seurat did 'studies'(smaller detailed works) before all of his large canvas pieces. Most of them using the Conte Crayon and Michallet paper as the medium of choice.


Large Canvas Piece

(Note the study figure is featured in the center of Bathers at Asniers.)

...Unfortunately I really wasn't able to sink my teeth into the works as I originally had hoped. For at the Museum yesterday there was an over abundance of this creature, so native to museums, exhibits, concerts and other cultural happenings....
Old White People.

No don't get me wrong, I am by no means racist, but Old White People have a tendency to move at an alarming slow rate and due to poor vision, get really close to the paintings taking all the good viewing space, therefore rendering you to the perimeter of any feasible viewing distance.

Now, While i realise that they probably contribute the majority of the funds that support museums...they don't have to hog all the good space like that!! Come on Son!!

...so Whatever. My Travel companions and I decided to mosey on down to Cafe 2 where we took a break (ie: 5 mins for art & 40 mins for Food) and sipped on delicious earl grey tea (hello free refils...get into it!) and nibbled on gourmet treats.
By far the star of the day was Danny Meyer the executive chef behind Cafe 2, Terrace 5 and The Modern, the trio of delicacies that are housed in the MOMA.

I ordered this lovely number
.. known as Affogato. Its an Italian dessert that combines Vanilla Gelato and Hot Espresso. I know what you're thinking, that just equals brown soupy/goo..
Quite the contrary, the consistency of the gelato holds up against the heat of the espresso yielding a softer gelato and a great dessert to add to your rotation.
It's super easy to make and a great way to impress dinner guests.

So next time you can't keep up with all of the hustle and bustle of museums, chill out take breather, and get something to eat.
PS: they also have wine and great imported beers...major plus!!

Fafi Hearts MAC... xoxo

Pictured here, busy at work in her studio, Fafi is cooking up some hotness for '08.
The Parisian Graffiti artist who is responsible for giving the world sugar sweet, yet uber sexy street art such as this ...

and that...

Is teaming up with MAC Cosmetics to create a make up line to preserve your sexy,(and yes i still that phrase, thanks Diddy).

The line will feature MAC staples such as LipGlass, EyeShadows, Nail Laquer that bear the Fafi signature or Fafinettes themselves. And while they will keep you shiny and pretty in this New Year, unfortunatley they won't give plump perfect breasts, bangin' proportions and green hair..(see above).

But nonetheless Make sure to check it out at a MAC near you....


Alice Smith on NPR

I called it months ago people....ALICE SMITH.

The genre bending chanteuse was recently interviewed on NPR (National Public Radio, get into it!!). On the Tell Me More segment, Smith discusses her musical influences, the re-release of her album For Lovers, Dreamers, and Me on a major record label and the ignorance behind creating music genres.

While the Interview tends to lag from time to time (I think i could've done a better job), its semi informative and hey, its great press.
Listen for yourselves and gimme some feedback...

PS: and how cute is it that she wanted to be a pediatrician and princess when she was a kid.


new year, same old BS

well hopefully not for me..
i'm whole heartedly want to get things on track this year.
i'm finally graduating from college this january.
and pending a vacation in paris, i'm sure i'll have some grand scheme for the world domination, (the world...ehhh, ok we'll start with flatbush).
either way stick with your girl and we'll see great things together... stay tuned baby, get rid of that hangover

and get into those new year resolutions

.....or maybe not.
but lets get it together my people and make the most out of this bitch '08.