Without Further Ado.... I Give you M.I.A.

So here it is in a nutshell: Atrice, Sam and Culture Snobette journeyed to a far away land, Philly, to witness the sounds and sights of the MIA, Santogold & Cool Kids Tour.

Santi was up first. I had the privilege of bumping into her on the streets of the east village a couple of weeks prior to the concert, and i truly like her. Santi's music is soo different than what most artists are pushing right now. And though there are many comparisons to her and MIA, upon further listening they become apples and oranges. Not to mention that she was one of the geniuses behind Res's Album
How I Do back in 2001.

Her live performance great, and towards the end of her set she brought on SpankRock and Amanda Blank to do Loose (aka She ain't nuthin but a hootchie mama).


After Santi ripped, then came the Cool Kids. Who, unfortunately I just couldn't get with. They rapped about Bikes (black Mags or some nonsense like that), sneakers and other boy-stuff that just was not meant to be Snob-Approved....Simply not my cup of tea.

BOY #2 of The Cool Kids
Boy#1 wouldn't stand still long enough for a proper shot.

Next we had the Main Event, the Meat & potatoes, the center piece of this 3 ring circus, MIA.

MIA came out looking like a cross between George Clinton and DanceHall Queen 2025!!

She stood behind this sparkly podium thing and queued up her visual art for each song.

MIA had crazy energy during her performance, which included the ubiquitous stage dive, followed by a full lap around the crowd.

She closed her encore with Paper Planes, a song that brags of her abilities to produce visas, "I make 'em all day, ... I'll get one down in a second if you wait" are her words to be exact. But much to the contrary MIA mentioned during her encore that this was her last performance in the states and that she probably wouldn't be back for a while; she garbled something about having to wait till bush was out of office(1/20/09 in case you're wondering).

Well. we're glad we got our piece of MIA while we could.....

Oh and by the way, those 3 obnoxious girls bullying their way to the front, stepping on your shoes and laughing at your foreign clothes...yeah that was us

Great success!!!


Questionable Cover-age

Fact #245 about Culture Snobette: I am a Newsstand Addict!!
I absolutely adore magazines and publications in general and have been known to spend large amounts of Other People's Money on my voracious mag appetite.
So as apart of my self-imposed 12 Steps, I no longer have to buy each mag that I want/NEED. Thanks to steps 6 & 7, I can now simply peruse the covers, smell the pages and leave Universal News with my fix fully satisfied.

Anyway, while browsing the racks, I came across a few covers that were questionable to say the least, and others that were in clear Violation of The Culture Code of Ethics.

First up was Marie Claire

Christina, Whoring out your pregnancy for media coverage is a sad and dangerous game...We all saw what happened to Britney.... Now they only see mommy on saturdays and sundays between 12-4.


Next up is KING

Now while I don't really expect much from this urban men's mag...I do expect more from it's cover girl Angel Melaku. Her parents are Ethiopian and Trinidadian and I hope they raised her better than this. Even if she is trying to parlay this videoHo thang (and yes, i did say thang!!) into an acting, singing, heck even book deal, she must know that know one is gonna take her seriously with such a huge ass. Point blank.
For further inspection

Hate to break it to ya...but you'll be doing bootie mags and BET Uncut till that thing starts to sag.
By the way Real or Fake????


Last and definitely least is XXL

Lil Wayne. I'm over it. Period.

Coming from someone that grew up on AND with hip hop, someone who pressed their face to the window as The Notorious BIG's motorcade rolled pass that bleak day in Brooklyn, someone who has walked with the Greats (okay, maybe not all of that, but I was at an LL Cool J videoshoot and shook his hand).....Lil Wayne is neither great, nor good, muchless is his crap acceptable to anyone who has even heard of the word quality.

If you wanna listen to crappy hip hop while you're up in the club (Lil John & Ying Yang Twins), or even when you're taping your friends for YouTube (Chicken Noodle Soup & Soulja Boy), that's all well and good. But please people, Please I Implore you, don't exhalt these carbon copy "rappers" to the heights of Biggie, Tupac, Big L, Rakim.

And Most importantly "DON'T BELIVE THE HYPE" - Public Enemy



A-Train Girl Gang Attacks....

I recently came across this article and video on the website The Smoking Gun.
A gang of teenage girls attack a grown man on the A Train in Bedstuy section of Brooklyn.

Sounds crazy right... and whats even shadier is that the video was submitted to YouTube by one of the girls, who is an aspiring video director....

Smells fishy ehh?? ...Funny either way, to me at least

Check out the video
, and tell me what you think...


By the Way, Meet My Homies Writer's Block

Hey Culture Snobbers out there, I wanna introduce you to my Spoken Word family Writer's Block.

This artist collective consist of a rotating cast of colorful and super-talented characters: Kesed Ragin, Soulful Jones, Falu, Jason Reynolds, Shanelle Gabrielle and last but definitely not least, the leader of the pack, RIP.

Each artist has reached heights of notoriety in their own right and under the suggestion of RIP have joined forces to destroy the existence of sucky poetry (no finger snapping please!!),and to knock the spoken word scene on its ass!!

Hmmm reminds me of another group......

I, Culture Snobbette, know all of them personally, and can attest to their lyrical capabilities, (ie: they are all FIERCE on the mic).

Therefore, it is soo very necessary to catch their debut performance at the Bowery Poetry Club on December 20 at The Black Power Poetry Party!!

Writer's Block is teaming up A.L.I.E.N. , the omniscient downtown extraterrestrials, to bring y'all this fly ass poetry set and super party.

Check Out their Trailer, and feel free to hit up their Myspace for more tracks and pics.

Diary of a Hustla!!

Yo, so i finally got my lazy ass out of bed and down to willamsburg to flip some barely worn clothes into COLD HARD CASH

The first stop was Buffalo Exchange on Driggs ave

I had heard many comparisons of Buffalo and Beacon's; some good some not so good.
Either way if they'd buy the shit i was slingin'...then they're fine by me.

Unfortunately: this place was a shithole: they're buying practices are lame. They only wanted items from current seasons, which is absolutely ridiculous. And they have no innate sense of style; which can severly thwart one's attempts to bump last season's mis-purchases and let-downs.

Let me put it to u this way...if i saw one more J Crew v-neck for $40, i was gonna storm out the door, holding back the vomit that their poor selection induced.

So from all my good shit they bought, a dress and a pair of Skiing gloves
SUB TOTAL: $17.55

Next I was on to that old stalwart of second and vintage shopping, Beacon's Closet

Now i've had good days and bad days at Beacon's and recently i was on the verge of ruling them out of my shopping rotation. but today they redeemed themselves.
At the selling counter i bumped into a stylist friend of mine, we started catching up and the associates over heard which Fly ASS Store i work for. I'm pretty sure that helped to sway their purchases from me...but shit, it ain't gonna hurt nobody!!

So Beacon's came thru and picked up most of my things for really good price (ex: the bought a dress for $25, and i paid $5 for it. NICE!)
I don't know what Buffalo was thinking, but they missed out on my Goodies!!!
SUB TOTAL: $39.75


So i hopped back on the L train with an extra $57.30 in my pocket. And trust me, any smart working stiff knows that $57.30 can go a long way.


left over day log 2.5/ new sh*t on the horizon

So basically... i never made it to any of the museums on left over day,
which sucked big time. my day was wasted away for the most part. i did
make it to beacon's but by the time i got there buying was over.
And as expected it took me 5 days to follow up on the last post....i really wasn't joking about the lazy thing.
but i'm getting better cuz Culture Snobette a few years ago would've let guilt and shame drive her away from the blog forever....
But i'm wrapping up this post-turkey day post anyway.

I'm investigating some of the cultural goings-ons in nyc and theres some fly shit coming up; which will give me more than enough fodder for this lil blog o' mine.
Not to mention i'm heading to Philly this weekend for the MIA, Santogold concert @ electric factory... soo major!!


left-over day...log 1

so my sister just got a new laptop.....run dat chump!! so in other words i just got a new laptop sucka!!!

either way i'm mad hype that i can actually make postings on a regular basis
(lets see if i can actually follow thru).
just had my first plate of leftovers, soo damn good, and i'm about to head to willamsburg(try and hawk some shit to beacon's so i can buy a metrocard for the week, ahh the joys of modern day poverty).
the next item on the agenda is a tossup... either i'm heading to MOMA to the Seurat Drawings Exhibit ....

or i'm going to the Whitney to see the Kara Walker Exhibit

stay tuned Snobbers to see which one it will be.


Turckey holocaust: American style

so its thanksgiving today. clearly things have gotten off to a rough start, seeing as i'm sober right now. but bigger than all of that, my obsession for the past couple of days has turned to specific culinary delicacy....

No, not that snooty bird... her skanky mutt cousin, TurDuckIn

yes, turduckin and she's not an urban legend she's real yo, but her past is kinda shady.

this culinary cross-breed is a turkey, stuffed with a duck, which is then stuffed with a chicken. all the aforementioned birds are partially deboned and between each layer is a smearing of sausage meat, ya know to keep things together.

The exact origin of the Turduckin is not quite clear but it has been attributed to Southern Creole culture; though the art of stuffing multiple birds has been around since the middle ages.

The largest recorded nested bird roast is 17 birds, attributed to a royal feast in France in the 19th century: a bustergophechiduckneaealcockidgeoverwingailusharkolanbler (originally called a Rôti Sans Pareil, or "Roast without equal") - a bustard stuffed with a turkey, a goose, a pheasant, a chicken, a duck, a guinea fowl, a teal, a woodcock, a partridge, a plover, a lapwing, a quail, a thrush, a lark, an Ortolan Bunting and a Garden Warbler. The final bird is small enough that it can be stuffed with a single olive; it also suggests that, unlike modern multi-bird roasts, there was no stuffing or other packing placed in between the birds. This dish probably could not be recreated in the modern era as many of the listed birds are now protected species.
-This was extracted from the wikipedia entry on Turduckin

either way we need to be accepting of TurDuckin. yeah, everyone loves a turkey, but turkeys are just a lil too straight laced for me. i'm a round the way girl, and we all have murky pasts and sure people have misconceptions about us all....but we should embrace the TurDuckin, just like we do our wayward stripper cousin.



So i decided to post some shit on my blog. My approach and tone has changed alot since my first ill-fated attempts at blogging. i've been reading alot of other blogs, some fashion and culture related others about music or simply just a diary of recent events; and i decided to give another stab at this blogging thing.
i know what does the uniBomber have to do with that... well, i had to go back to the things that inspire me to write and be creative and bitchy and turn up my nose at others... you know get back to the essence of me.

grace jones, for instance, i'm not really sure what exactly she is famous for, other than just being herself(okay i do: acting singing, modeling, being naked and scary all the time), but thats neither here nor there. the point is she makes me wanna be fierce at whatever it is that i'm doing. whether thats being the eternal intern, a stylist assistant, opening my own business, or sleeping on my parents couch.
Besides, i'm about to graduate and i need to put this media (ie:useless) degree to work. so i must reclaim my soapbox, in order to wag my finger at society.
The Bottom Line: the Bitch is back!!!!



so it's me, the culture snobette herself...
granted that the mission of this blog is to highlight, discuss and dissect, what we have come to know as culture; it is also incumbent upon me as auteur of this blog that i identify the absence of culture. while i truly support diversity and expressing oneself....We Will Not Tolerate Foolishness, Coonery (copyrighted by Radio Rose), or full on Asenine-ishness
(we're trying to get that one patented, you know, corner the market).
eitherway, from time to time i'll shine a light on acts, things and people that are questionable and/or unculture-rific(i'm sick with my wordplay kid!),
stay tuned snobbers


Alice's Wanderland

If Alice Smith was a kid in the local church choir, they would've never let her sing solos, or stand in the front, muchless even don a choir robe. Alice's voice is something akin to a well-aged whiskey; when she belts it similar to Meatloaf's bat-out-of-hell, her soft murmurs are stuff of post-coital pillow talk, in other words, she is reminiscent of all things unholy.

This monday i finally made it down to Mercury Lounge in LES to see Alice Smith live. See being the understatement of the century, experience would be more like it. She was ridiculous, in a rock st*r way. Smith's voice is the type that can afford to be lackadaisical on the stage. Her singing moved between grunts, piercing belts,and actual words. which i felt was amazing. she wasn't really married to the lyrics as much as she was in love with the emotion behind each song.

i would strongly suggest that you check out her work, but most importantly experience her live show. right now she is out west, but i'm sure she'll be back in NYC .

...ohh and reason #1001 to luv her, she currently resides in the BK (home of Biggie and Jay!)


It's Killing Season at Lincoln Center

Hello My People!!!

So i've seen "When Jazz is Killin' advertised in the New York Times. And it looks like it will be kinda amazing!

Its two separated programs this thursday thru saturday at Lincoln Center.
The first is entitled " In this house, On this morning" by the Wynton marsalis septet.
It's described as " sacred convergence of gospel and jazz that gave rise to a new sound".
Tix range from $127- 37.

The second program is by Darin Atwater, artistic director of the soulful symphony and composer-in-residence of the Baltimore symphony orchestra. It also features Kim Burrell.
Tix are $68.

I know its last minute and not exactly free, but I definitely think it will be something to see.
So support the arts and other black people (I will be passing round the offering plate for my much-needed laptop).