K is for Kettle Corn

Seriously, I have a problem. Everytime I see this gourmet kettle corn, I HAVE to buy it.

If a store sells this, I think its a sign from Up Above.

So I Carpe the Diem and buy it every time.....EVERY FRIGGIN' TIME!!



I Wants None of It !!! Joe the Plumber ain't havin it!

Apparently America's favorite plumber, Joe, is none too pleased with all of the limelight hes been receiving of recent. The Associated Press reported yesterday that Joe the Plumber aka Joe Wurzelbacher is upset with the public scrutiny and media attention that has snowballed since his meeting Sen. Barack Obama on the campaign trail.

Joe the Plumber has been unable to work and carry on with his normal life due to the reporters and cameras camped out on his front lawn. After being referenced more than 20 times in the final presidential debate, Wurzelbacher has become a key figure in the personification of "Small Town America".

Don't worry Joe, your 15 minutes will be over soon enough and then you can get back to uncloggin toilets.

In other related news, the wesites www.JoeSixpack.net and www.JoeThePlumber.com have seen record high traffic for all the wrong reasons.



Spit That!!! : Open Mic Sessions

Attention all Snobbers and Aspiring Poets:


After bringing you more than a year of innovative Spoken Word performances, packed houses and live music, this avant-guard collective is passing the mic to YOU!! That's right y'all; you know their work (The infamous "Pussy" poem by Kesed), you've been awed by their stage presence (Falu's "Helicopters"), and you've been inspired by their creativity (RIP's "The Box"). Now the cypher continues with this weekly open mic show held at the YUME Loft space. Make sure to come out early (before it gets hella crowded), bring your friends, bring some drank money (oh yes! wine and beer), and bring that poem you've been working on.

Also check out the new Writer's Block Blog, "The Block". Its sure to be the new spot for the latest in music, culture, and the arts. (2nd place that is, after the greatness that is Critique de Culture!)

See you there mofos!!
Yume Bklyn
925 Bergen bet. Franklin and Classon
Only $5 for all that culture....can't beat that price with a stick!!!


Preach Beyonce!!! Put a Ring on It!!

Umm...Brothers pay close attention PLEASE
Cuz Beyonce is preachin' on this damn song!!

I am 110% feeling this song.....no ifs, ands, or buts about it..
Thank you B for putting these fools on.
And thank you Jesus for making Beyonce


Hood By Air: Poppin' up

Act like you know wassup...

I had the privilege of attending their SS09 Runway show entitled "Gigolo" this past Fashion Week. Hood By Air has grown leaps and bounds since they first stepped on the scene. This latest collection was light on the logos and all about the cuts and texture. The styling was impeccable, (greasy pompadours under hair nets...HELLO GENIUS), the music official, (an acapella version of "Freakin you" by Jodeci mixed by KINGDOM)....Long Story short: you need to get into this and fast!

Cop your Hood By Air pieces EARLY at the Pop Up Shop this weekend.

Hit up their website for their amazing blog "The Block" and more info.

PS: Momma ain't raise no fool.....CASH ONLY PLEASE!! (In this economy, its a must! And none of that Funny Money either. YOU WILL GET CUT!)


C is for Chick-Fil-A

Nothing says American Glutton like Fried Chicken and Biscuits!

Lust worthy to say the least!!


Banksy on Bank Corruption??!!?!

Banksy, is that you?!?!?
Fresh off the heels of posting about psuedo-Banksy art, the piece went up literally over night on the corner of Broadway and Howard.
Not quite sure if this was Banksy.....But the consensus around here is that is was him!

Blood on their hands


Field Trip Report : Girls Dream in Color

Hey Snobbers,
Yesterday was another uber beautiful day in BK with loads to do and see.
I attended the opening of Girls Dream in Color, an all female art exhibit hosted at the boutique Harriet's Alter Ego.
Presented by Lichiban of WrongLips and Yah of Cocolah.com the exhibit, entitled "Baby Let Me Show You What Love Is...", yielded a packed house. On display were the works of Cee the Photographer, Sara White, Cassi Gibson, Lichiban, (That Kid) Texas of the New Pop, and a horde of other talented ladies.
Peep the Picks:


A Work in Progress, Literally: The ladies of evening contribute to a live-art collage.

Full House

Make sure to follow the links and check out all of these ladies. They're doing big things and making BK and Femininity damn proud!


East London Street Art

This is literally from forever ago, ok more like March. But I stumbled upon this and felt compelled to share. I remember gettin' all excited cuz i thought it was an actuall Banksy piece. Still not sure.....
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