this song just made me cry

don't call it a comeback: Ladies First Edition

not really CRAZY about the new kelis song....but i appreciate the fact that she's
going all ziggy stardust on us. always 2 steps ahead of you EDGY hoes.

sade. new album. February 10 release date. nuff said.

love this woman-girl hybrid. cutest thing ever. a real musician. a fucking survivor.
both nyc dates sold out weeks ago.
read the UK Times Review of her first show in 2 years.

last and definitely least Kid Sister
though this doesn't actually qualify as a comeback, since it took her 3 years to make this debut,
we'll call it a comeback anyway since she should've came out when this type of music was relevant.
nonetheless....file this one under I'LL PASS


illiterate thugs need not apply

new bookstore alert!!
my homey, the future gnome maker, just put me onto her homey's new bookstore.
book thug nation:
yes, quite the awesome-ass name for a store that sells books (to thugs i hope).
i'll for sure be poppin on saturday for this "literary event" (so highbrow, yet so gutter).
i feel like nothing i can say can sum it up as wondrously as the future gnome maker did:
"i mean, it beats selling books outta your trunk"

why tamper with genius?
come. read. get your thug on!




Lovely Day has reopened.
After being closed for an entire year due to a fire in the building, its back in business slingin' awesome Thai to the masses.
I'm so happy about life right now.....if only we could get my beloved Teany to reopen.
Be still my beating heart. One miracle at a time.