Open Letter to Taraji P. Henson.....

Dear Taraji,
I'll make this short and sweet.
Congratulations girl on the Oscar nod for your role as Queenie in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

We gots a semi-Black president in office, you gettin' Oscar nominations and I got my W2 early......the skies the limit for us colored folks.
But honey, if you're really looking to break out as a serious movie star or at least shake that D list Black celeb status of yours.....

You can't be doing Jamie Foxx videos!!! Ya just can't!

Jamie Foxx ft. T.I. - Just Like Me (New Official Video) 2008
by xiar

Personally you shoulda been nominated for playing Yvette in Baby Boy. Now that was a Tour de Force!!

That role deserved a lifetime achievement award or something!!!

Now I'm sure you didn't see the Oscar nod coming when you agreed to be a part-time video vixen. But you gotta see the long haul....think about your future. Acting alongside Brad Pitt and then being Jamie Foxx's video candy is like passing up a full scholarship to NYU to work at Marc Jacobs store for the discount and clothing allowance.


Sincerely here for your best interest,

Culture Snobette




Damn he fine!!! I can't even speak proper English.... so caught up right now!!

Why don't they just stop??!?!

Quit rubbing your amazingness in all our faces, Mr. and MRS PRESIDENT!!

I know this is wrong on soo many levels
but whatevs
I'll get over it in a couple of months, but for now.....

The Opposite of Food Porn

America takes 20 leaps forward by electing a Biracial president...correction a FINE ASS Biracial President

Then a Greenwich Village Bakery takes 5 steps back with the


OMG!! Racists everywhere now have an Official Snack.

I hate that I had to get the video from World Star HipHop.com and FOX 5......two of my sworn enemies. But desperate times call for desperate measures.

Roll the tape....

The damn cookie doesn't even look appetizing....but that Dead Goose bread sure is sexy!!

And how is he gonna say that he has asked Black people if they found the cookie offensive?!?!
Did he ask all Black people?!? I'm sorry, I must've missed that knock on my door (I prolly thought he was a Jehovah's Witness).

After careful and repeated screenings of this video, it is beyond the shadow of a doubt that this man is INSANE. His food handler license needs to be revoked and he needs to hauled off to the loony bin.

PS: Did I mention that hes charging $3.50 for his "work of art"..... Just plain ole' crazy.


Eating Down Bottom

This is how you know that you're below the Mason Dixon Line......

This is a steak...... wrapped in Applewood Bacon.

Well maybe steak isn't your thang....The Lard Innovators over at The Golden Corral also serve Chicken Breast wrapped in Bacon. Or if you're really ballin' outta control, pop some champagne with your Grilled Pork Loin, you guessed it, wrapped in Bacon.

It even has its own commercial....that plays regularly on TV.

Am I the only grossed the Eff-out and hella confused right now??

Say 'Hello' to heartburn and Git Some at The Golden Corral

....Busy Making History

Hey Snobbers,
its ya girl checking in live and direct from the Nation's Capital.
Bright and early tomorrow morning I'll be heading down to the National Mall to watch our 44th President aka Dark and Lovely take office.
Bama Bama Y'all!!
Stay focused and stay tuned for a full Post-Inaugural Wrap Up.
Its sure to be patriotic, hilarious and a full-on tack fest!!!


XOXO....A Gossip Girl Spin-off?

The Times says it and I believe it.

Confession: my DVR is up-to-its neck in Gossip Girl!!!
I'm currently living for this show....this show and this video clip

You can thank Dj Lindsey for brightening your day with that amazing moment in Black Cinema.

You're welcome...... Irrelevant, MUCH!

Double Whammy: Bilal @ SOBs

Double your pleasure....

and no I ain't talkin' 'bout no damn gum neither .

Two nights of Bilal.

Live @ SOB's.....this one is gonna be a Panty Creamer for sure.

I hope he actually shows up for both performances....I mean I love B and all, but the last time I saw him perform he was actin' all sketchy and whatnot....and kept leaving the stage for extended periods of time. Made a sister nervous and all, had me clutching me purse and making sure the exits were clearly marked.
Either way I will definitely be in the house for one of these nights....shit, both of them if it were up to me.

If you love and respect yourself get ur tickets NOW..... and by NOW I mean yesterday.

Check SOB's website for the 411

Peep this funny ass performance of "Sometimes"......it gets really good around 2:17.

Baby, I Can't Wait !!!


Shoe Porn: Duck Duck Goose.....

Lustworthy !

The Duck Boot all sexed up.


Coco avant Chanel

Get ready bitches.... if you thought the devil wore Prada? Wrong!!...he wears Chanel and many strands of pearls and 5 inch heels and pantyhose and fancies red lipstick.
...and 'no' Karl Lagerfeld is not the devil but he did style the movie.

It doesn't take a psychic or a genius or even a high school drop-out to guess that Lifetime wonked up Gabrielle Coco Chanel biography. Truthfully, they should be ashamed to have even attempted it...They casted Shirley MacLaine and the movie was in ENGLISH DAMMITT!!

So hopefully somebody got it right this time. Written and directed by Anne Fontaine, Coco Avant/Before Chanel focuses on the Chanel's early years: the people and events made her in to the icon we cherish today.

Coco at work.

Filming began in early summer last year and its said to premiering next month.
Looks like its gonna be FIERCE!!
Ok, now all in favor of permanently retiring the word FIERCE say Aye?
Aye...I'm actually quite ashamed that I even used it....please forgive me I know not what I do.

Audrey Tatou as Gabrielle Coco Chanel.


Writer's Block x The New Pop

Missed the last Writers Block Event.....

The New Pop covers Writer's Block with special guest Thophilus London.
Spoken Word.
Live Performances.
After parties where people actually dance.....
You betta get with the get-right!!
Join the Movement We Are Writer's Block