A Must....

I know it came out like 3 weeks ago....

But I totally loved The Wackness!!
The film was super funny and the soundtrack if effing amazing!!
All joints from 94-95 that totally took me back to my elementary school days in BK
(Biggie, Craig Mack, Total, Wu Tang, Nas and mixtapes when they were actual homemade mixes on real tapes!! Not this digital nonsense we have now. Do you remember making mix tapes off of the radio?!?! ......AAHH the good old Dayz!)
Nostalgia always Culture Approved!

PS: Look our for a cameo by Method Man sporting the worst Jamaican Accent ever in movie history.


Your Daily Dose of Irony

Magazines do not put Black models on covers because we don't sell issues.
In the face of rampant criticism and questions of racism, Italian Vogue does an
"All Black Issue" with 4 different covers of Black models and over 100 pages of editorials featuring black models.
The "Black Issue" hit US newsstands last week.
It sells record breaking numbers in a time when print media is rapidly waning.

I head into the newsstand today shortly after noon. The issue price has gone up a whole $10, from $15.99 to $25.99.

At 9:30pm this evening, I walk back to the same newsstand, the magazine is sold out again.

To this I say 2 things:
Black is the new Black
C.R.E.A.M .........Cash Rules Everything Around Me

"Dolla Dolla Bill y'all!"


C'mon and do the Humpty Hump!!

Come Party the Culture Approved Way!!

Join DJ Lindsey and DJ Myles at their weekly party The Hump at the Blue Owl,
(2nd Ave bet 12 & 13 streets).

Tonight's festivities will be hosted by the lovely Bijules and features Guest DJ Cosmo Baker
of The Rub (Duhh!! Only the most amazing party in all of BK!!)

All this fun for FREE!!
File this one under: WITHIN MY PARTY BUDGET!!

PS: I'm totally LIVING for this flier!! Spike Lee...forever Culture Approved!!
Check out THE HUMP'S flier gallery... OFFICIAL


We in 'dere!

Great Photography.... check!
Open Bar ......check!
Dope gallery space....check!
.....Yeah we'll be there


Don't ya just love gentrification!!!

How lucky are we to have gentrification???
After months of me and my boyfriend complaining that there are no good restaurants in his Bed Stuy hood, look what the gods hath bestowed upon us.....

Peaches Market has just opened it doors for business on the corner of Lewis and Decatur to much hype. I don't know how this one got by me for soo long. The pre-opening was heralded on such websites as Eater, Brownstoner, and Time Out New York.

The restaurant owned by Craig Samuel and Ben Grossman, the duo behind Fort Greene's Lil Pig and The Smoke Joint, will feature American cuisine with a Southern 'twang. With such goodies as Baby Back Ribs, Barbequed French Fries and Cornmeal Crusted Trout, I'm sure the historically African American Bed Stuy will flock to Peaches Market right after their Sunday church services.

But my people lets not forget that Gentrification is a double edged sword. Yes, we get nice new places to eat and what not, but I can hear that rent going through the roof as I type!!
Buy, my people Buy!!! Renting is a trick of the devil. Owning is the only way to keep what we have worked so hard for!!
....With that being said, my reservation for 2 is all set. ...What?!?! Everybody needs to eat!! And Lord knows I can't do Crown Fried Chicken no mo!!!

Peep the Menu


All Types of Wrong!!!

So I been super lazy lately and lacking any real inspiration, but then I saw this picture.
Ladies and Gentlemen The next candidate up for a Slaaaaping is none other than our favorite Custy,

I'm totally speechless. Consider this Scared Straight for the next time someone offers you recreational drugs.....
Drugs are like that dominating boyfriend. They start off as something to do on weekends and next thing you know you been fired from your job for stealing $10.. for the 3rd time, your mama won't return your calls and actually gets that restraining order shes been yapping about for the longest, no wants to hang out with cuz u smell and can't form an intelligible sentence, your cat has moved out.... You get my drift.

Besides.... put that worn-out beat-down tired-ass vadge away.
Scaring people like that. Nobody thinks of crackheads as sexual beings, so stop making our eyes burn and COVER UP!