A lil' Liquer in the Morning

Have you ever heard of Shirley Q Liquor?
The other night, whilst hangin' in an East Village Bar (much to my Mother's dismay), my Dear friend Hakim put me on to this comic.
I thought her shit was funny, i'm sure the 3 Coronas I had helped me come to this conclusion.

Upon further research, I found out that Ms. Liquor is actually Charles Knipp,
a gay white man. Knipp performs in Black Face and Drag to become Shirley Q Liquor, an ebonic speakin' Southern Black Mother of 19 chil'rens, that collects her welfare on the 1st and 15th, repectivley. Shirley attends the Mount Holy Olive Second Baptist Zion Church of God in Christ of Resurrected Latter-Days AME CME, she enjoys Cold Malt Liquors ("It works Everytime!") and Menthol Cigarettes.

Ms. Liquor has been the center of controversy for quite some time. Her shows have been boycotted, her appearance protested and some show dates cancelled. In particular there is one Black Female that is not impressed with Knipp's act, Jasmyne Cannick. Cannick's campaign to shut down Knipp demands more for Black Women and Black People in general.

While watching Shirley's clips on YouTube, I found myself laughing at her/his antics. One of the clips entitled "Church Slave" was particularly funny and quite true in its comments about Black Female Churchgoers.
In some ways I felt guilty for finding Shirley funny, but would the jokes have been alright if Knipp was actually a Black Man?

And to add to the equation... what of Tyler Perry's Madea? Is his Angry Black Woman Caricature acceptable simply because he is Black?

Check out this clip of Shirley Q Liquor and leave me some feedback and commentary dammit!!


Jet Laggin'

Hey Snobbers,
I know its been a minute seen I've posted anything on this poor forsaken blog...
But like a Jay-Z farewell album, ya know i'll be back soon.

(Disclaimer: Culture Snobber does not support Jay Z's tired-ass career (his best work is about drugs, the exact same topic as his first album), nor American Gangster (I know glorification when I see it;... I do have a Bachelor's in Media Studies dammit!!)

So I arrived in London this morning. (super excited, any who knows me, knows that this I where is come to cheat on Brooklyn...sorry BK. It's not you, it's me. I just gotta do me. Truthfully, it's all them damn Condos popping up, but whateva...) And after jet laggin' my tired backside around my family's house, I decided that it was time I pick up my lovely little blog.

I'll be keeping you guys updated about this trip, my cultural findings, possible complaints and new obsessions. This week is shaping up to be something official!!
New Museums, Book Reports (i'm probably the only excited about that one), Restaurant Reviews, and Field Trips Galore and UK Culture with a Capital C!!

London's Calling and Culture Snobette is not afraid to pick up!!

And PS: My UK Cousins are NOT HAPPY about BET being in the UK. See y'all I come from good stock, all The Dyers know what time it is!!


l'Homage: Part Une

So I was supposed to start this segment of the blog a while ago... but i'm just getting around to it now.

Anyhoo, I watched MAHOGANY the other night starring the fly-ass Diana Ross and her smoooove co-star Mr. Billy Dee Williams.

Now while Mr. Williams is more known for his thespian endeavors (Lady sings the Blues, Star Wars & 227); I first met him as a little girl growing up in Brooklyn as
"MR. COLT 45"

( Side Note: A can Billy... a Can!! couldn't spring for the WHOLE 40 oz. )

As a curious youngster I did not understand Colt 45 nor did i get why it "Worked Every Time", but none the less, this image was forever embedded into my memory along with countless episodes of the Price is Right and the taste of Quarter-Waters.

PS: the kicker for me was the not-too dry, not-too greasy jheri curl he rocked...
Every woman loved them some Billy Dee in the 70's and 80's. Even my mom liked Billy and she didn't even like me.

I guess it really did work everytime...if it ain't broke then don't fix it!!

So now they're exporting their nonsense....

Hey Snobbers,
So apparently someone goofed up let BET
(supposedly Black Entertainment Television, But i beg to differ) start broadcasting in the United Kingdom.

I will keep my opinion of BET to a 3 word minimum (my libel charges are still pending.)

Watch out UK Negroes...Debra Lee and Bob Johnson are coming to corrupt your youth, have your daughters dancing like strippers, and have your sons acting the fool.

You've been warned. So please turn the the TV off, invest in books, and family togetherness time.

And if you're having second thoughts or don't find my humble argument convincing enough, watch this clip of The Boondocks, The Hunger Strike Episode, that was banned because of its scathing yet true critique of the network.

Boondocks - Hunger Strike (Banned) | Videos > HipHopDX.com

Shameless Plug

Next Week Saturday..
no, you don't have work the next day
no, you don't have anything better to do

Yeah, the Flier is hot
Yeah, it's gonna be packed with cool people (but not too cool to bust a move)
Yeah, The DJ is official (Sure Shot .....IE: not somebody's cousin)


Respect your Elders....

Teyana Taylor and Dionne Warwick

Is it just me or do kids not look like kids anymore...

As i turn another year older (well, it was a week ago), take my word for it: Trying to grow up quickly is like putting on your fliest dress ( or Freakum Dress to all my Hootchie-Phi Sisters ), getting your weave re-did, a fresh set of tips and rushing your ass out of the house to a party at like 9:15pm........ and the shit is wack!! And of course its wack darling, cuz u ain't supposed to be there that early. So take ur time and you'll get to the jumpie just in time to rush the floor for "All About the Benjamins", (super random, but i'm sure you get the point)

Don't worry I'm seeking professional help.