It's Killing Season at Lincoln Center

Hello My People!!!

So i've seen "When Jazz is Killin' advertised in the New York Times. And it looks like it will be kinda amazing!

Its two separated programs this thursday thru saturday at Lincoln Center.
The first is entitled " In this house, On this morning" by the Wynton marsalis septet.
It's described as " sacred convergence of gospel and jazz that gave rise to a new sound".
Tix range from $127- 37.

The second program is by Darin Atwater, artistic director of the soulful symphony and composer-in-residence of the Baltimore symphony orchestra. It also features Kim Burrell.
Tix are $68.

I know its last minute and not exactly free, but I definitely think it will be something to see.
So support the arts and other black people (I will be passing round the offering plate for my much-needed laptop).

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Jill said...

The Darin Atwater performance with Kim Burrell was awesome. I want them to come back!