I blame Mizz Obama..........

There is nothing funnier to me than watching small children fall...except maybe this

Michelle Obama was too busy strutting up the stage to begin with...she shoulda been helping the man. He can't see Michelle!! He doesn't know how many steps there are dammit!! Instead of trying to look sexy in her tight booty pants, she shoulda been counting them off with him. And then she walks off ahead like it wasn't her fault leaving Uncle Stevie with some other dude.

Huh!! The nerve of her, Embarrassing my dear Uncle Stevie on National Television like that!!

But it was still funny.....sad and funny all at the same time.

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J2d9 aka Trinigyul said...

Seriously I may go to hell but when i saw this on crunktastical this week I.Could.Not.Stop.Laughing.
lolol It is wrong but the way the man just diSappeared from view just made me weak THEN he lost his glasses too?
I love you Stevie!
And chick Dubai is only for a long weekend. You can still come to London, lol