Highbrow Fuckery at Its Best

This is the high class bullshit that i live for.
This Tuesday at the Louvre in Paris an Angry Russian Woman pulled a teacup from her purse and threw it at the Mona Lisa.


Now while I was not at all impressed with the Mona Lisa, at no point did I feel compelled to hurl a piece of tableware at it. But then again I guess art moves people in different ways. Whatever.

The Itsy Bitsy Mona Lisa; encased in glass behind a wooden barrier in its own separate wall.

What I admire most about this dashing display of raw emotion is that the "Angry Russian Woman" was prepared for the task ahead of her. She was not satisfied with the cheapness of a paper cup, nor was she barbaric enough to send a small rock upside Mona Lisa's head. She so thoughtfully chose a teacup: an ancient symbol of refinement, class, and sophistication. So take that you no eyebrow-havin heffa... Needless to say the "Angry Russian Woman" was clearly deranged and was promptly carted off to a loony bin for testing.

The crowds keep at bay behind velvet ropes

Clearly her actions could be deemed as art as well....I mean it inspired MY ass off the couch and got me bloggin again. So thank you "Angry Russian Woman".....and my 16 followers thank you too!

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Vizionheiry said...

hilarious commentary! But I don't think she was crazy. She was probably a performance artist trying to make a name for herself in this recession. Any publicity is good publicity.