Don't ya just love gentrification!!!

How lucky are we to have gentrification???
After months of me and my boyfriend complaining that there are no good restaurants in his Bed Stuy hood, look what the gods hath bestowed upon us.....

Peaches Market has just opened it doors for business on the corner of Lewis and Decatur to much hype. I don't know how this one got by me for soo long. The pre-opening was heralded on such websites as Eater, Brownstoner, and Time Out New York.

The restaurant owned by Craig Samuel and Ben Grossman, the duo behind Fort Greene's Lil Pig and The Smoke Joint, will feature American cuisine with a Southern 'twang. With such goodies as Baby Back Ribs, Barbequed French Fries and Cornmeal Crusted Trout, I'm sure the historically African American Bed Stuy will flock to Peaches Market right after their Sunday church services.

But my people lets not forget that Gentrification is a double edged sword. Yes, we get nice new places to eat and what not, but I can hear that rent going through the roof as I type!!
Buy, my people Buy!!! Renting is a trick of the devil. Owning is the only way to keep what we have worked so hard for!!
....With that being said, my reservation for 2 is all set. ...What?!?! Everybody needs to eat!! And Lord knows I can't do Crown Fried Chicken no mo!!!

Peep the Menu


Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Craig Samuel iiis black...so its not exaaaactly gentrification. Right?


Anonymous said...

Actually, just to let you know, Craig Samuel is originally from the neighborhood (though apparently just being black removes the label of gentrification. How wonderfully simple. ;) ). At any rate, in my opinion, I think this restaurant is a positive reinforcement of the idea of a neighborhood owning and bettering itself, as are some of the other businesses on this block. Gentrification isn't just a catch-all for any fomerly socio-economically depressed neighborhood that is coming on better days. It's when the opportunity for advancement from within is pushed aside, and instead outside developers take over and push the original inhabitants out. I guess the true test, really, for whether or not Peaches Market will be guilty of gentrification is whether its economic benefits somehow trickle down to the neighborhood's inhabitants (will they draw staff from the neighborhood perhaps? will a few successful hometown-run businesses on the block encourage more before rents skyrocket or outside developers shove their way in?) so the residents can afford the inevitably increasing rents.

Ok, enough of my anonymous rant. Regardless of all that, it's certainly some good food, and I am happy to hear you think so as well.

J2d9 aka Trinigyul said...

Sounds fab. Its near lunch time here in london town and I have nothing but a homemade salad to look forward to. So thanks for telling me what im missing! lol
Chick check out my blog and give me the soundtrack for your life this week, aaight...

kimmie e said...

this is like

making my day
my entire day is good because of this picture of glorious food