All Types of Wrong!!!

So I been super lazy lately and lacking any real inspiration, but then I saw this picture.
Ladies and Gentlemen The next candidate up for a Slaaaaping is none other than our favorite Custy,

I'm totally speechless. Consider this Scared Straight for the next time someone offers you recreational drugs.....
Drugs are like that dominating boyfriend. They start off as something to do on weekends and next thing you know you been fired from your job for stealing $10.. for the 3rd time, your mama won't return your calls and actually gets that restraining order shes been yapping about for the longest, no wants to hang out with cuz u smell and can't form an intelligible sentence, your cat has moved out.... You get my drift.

Besides.... put that worn-out beat-down tired-ass vadge away.
Scaring people like that. Nobody thinks of crackheads as sexual beings, so stop making our eyes burn and COVER UP!


J2d9 aka Trinigyul said...

I have let go of my Amy love. Her live performances are crap. I tire of her talking about her drug dealing, cheating, crackhead, jailed husband. And she has become a joke. Her true talent falls a distant, crumbled up last. So if she does end up dead with a needle in her arm I can be aloof about her demise. Waste of a talent and a bloody shame she has no desire to change.

Ackime Snow said...

Why does everyone sweat her so much, it's like when the tabloids have nothing better to do they see what amy's up to.

IamLT said...

Young Ackime, she does this because she likes the attention. It's like her tolerance for all drugs is so high this is the only other thing she can do to. Don't blame the tabloids, they wouldn't be able to get shots like these if she stayed in the house.She ought to be ashamed showing her dead ass pubic region though!!