Yes, I am a Deadbeat Blogger

Hey Snobbers,
So I know i've been hella delinquent with my blogging lately.
Everytime I fall behind and neglect my blog, I always feel this sense of immense guilt and horribleness...sort of like those parents who leave their 3 year old children home alone. Or better yet, one of those parents who drive their car with a baby in their lap....

And then to make matters worse, I feel like I need some amazing and totally justifiable excuse when I actually do return....
Well, f%ck that.
I'm back. No excuse needed...no sob story....no promise that I'll be a better parent next time. Nope.

Remember Snobbers: There is always redemption for the fallen. Roll the Tape!!

Do you recall this debacle in 2007?

Now lets look at 2008

She looks just as confused as the rest of us!! Prolly has no idea where she is or what she got these awards for....


PS: And thanks to all of y'all for checking in daily to see what the hell up been up to. I see you, supporting a sista!! Appprec!


Ackime Snow said...

about time

Jill said...

it really is about time. i was about to stop doing my daily check. next time have a better excuse!