Une Style Moment

Hey Snobbers,
While I sometimes comment and praise the fashion choices of others, and by comment I mean trash, I would never consider Critique de Culture a FASHION blog. There are millions of those out there in the blogosphere and I'd figure I'd leave that to the professionals like this one and this one and oh yes this one.

But I must acknowledge my humble beginnings in the fashion rag world. For the major portion of 2006, I slaved away as a fashion intern at NYLON MAG. Yes, back when the interns really had to work and didn't have TV shows. Anyhoo, I interned under some pretty amazing people, one of them being Aya Kanai.

This was the first shoot that I assisted Aya on:

The Denim Issue Ashley Olsen August 2006 cover.

Here at Critique De Culture We heart Aya.Just chillin in the tub like its a Tuesday

Peep this Style Profile that The Sartorialist did on Miss Kanai.
Also check out The Selby when he invaded the beautiful house that she grew up in.

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