Whole in the Wall: Redux

Hey Snobbers,
Quit playin' ya selves and go see the "Whole in the Wall" exhibit at the Helenbeck Gallery.

Its multimedia

Its old school

Its new school

Its furniture

Its money

Its Porsche hoods

Its NYC in the 80's

Its Paris circa Now

Its London of the moment

Whilst I was art sluttin it at the opening night, ran into the good peeps from The New Pop.
Peep their amazing video-thingy....and see if you can spot Snobette ( lookin crazy BTWss).

Even the NY Times got all up in the Whole in the Wall;
peep their article entitled : Where Louis XIV Meets Crash and Blade
God Bless their genius Copyeditors


Jill said...

June would be proud.

Jenard said...

Lol Dee.. we gotta go to shows like this wen I get up dey..
Graff look tuff in there.