So i decided to post some shit on my blog. My approach and tone has changed alot since my first ill-fated attempts at blogging. i've been reading alot of other blogs, some fashion and culture related others about music or simply just a diary of recent events; and i decided to give another stab at this blogging thing.
i know what does the uniBomber have to do with that... well, i had to go back to the things that inspire me to write and be creative and bitchy and turn up my nose at others... you know get back to the essence of me.

grace jones, for instance, i'm not really sure what exactly she is famous for, other than just being herself(okay i do: acting singing, modeling, being naked and scary all the time), but thats neither here nor there. the point is she makes me wanna be fierce at whatever it is that i'm doing. whether thats being the eternal intern, a stylist assistant, opening my own business, or sleeping on my parents couch.
Besides, i'm about to graduate and i need to put this media (ie:useless) degree to work. so i must reclaim my soapbox, in order to wag my finger at society.
The Bottom Line: the Bitch is back!!!!

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