left over day log 2.5/ new sh*t on the horizon

So basically... i never made it to any of the museums on left over day,
which sucked big time. my day was wasted away for the most part. i did
make it to beacon's but by the time i got there buying was over.
And as expected it took me 5 days to follow up on the last post....i really wasn't joking about the lazy thing.
but i'm getting better cuz Culture Snobette a few years ago would've let guilt and shame drive her away from the blog forever....
But i'm wrapping up this post-turkey day post anyway.

I'm investigating some of the cultural goings-ons in nyc and theres some fly shit coming up; which will give me more than enough fodder for this lil blog o' mine.
Not to mention i'm heading to Philly this weekend for the MIA, Santogold concert @ electric factory... soo major!!

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