left-over day...log 1

so my sister just got a new laptop.....run dat chump!! so in other words i just got a new laptop sucka!!!

either way i'm mad hype that i can actually make postings on a regular basis
(lets see if i can actually follow thru).
just had my first plate of leftovers, soo damn good, and i'm about to head to willamsburg(try and hawk some shit to beacon's so i can buy a metrocard for the week, ahh the joys of modern day poverty).
the next item on the agenda is a tossup... either i'm heading to MOMA to the Seurat Drawings Exhibit ....

or i'm going to the Whitney to see the Kara Walker Exhibit

stay tuned Snobbers to see which one it will be.

1 comment:

J2d9 aka Trinigyul said...

Oh yeah! I loveth the blogeth chick. And yes you are a bully. Let the chile use her laptop sometimes ok.
How you do the pictures in your entries?? You done know I'm slow!