So now they're exporting their nonsense....

Hey Snobbers,
So apparently someone goofed up let BET
(supposedly Black Entertainment Television, But i beg to differ) start broadcasting in the United Kingdom.

I will keep my opinion of BET to a 3 word minimum (my libel charges are still pending.)

Watch out UK Negroes...Debra Lee and Bob Johnson are coming to corrupt your youth, have your daughters dancing like strippers, and have your sons acting the fool.

You've been warned. So please turn the the TV off, invest in books, and family togetherness time.

And if you're having second thoughts or don't find my humble argument convincing enough, watch this clip of The Boondocks, The Hunger Strike Episode, that was banned because of its scathing yet true critique of the network.

Boondocks - Hunger Strike (Banned) | Videos > HipHopDX.com


J2d9 aka Trinigyul said...

I was soooooooooooo vex when Nard showed me this mess on my cable box. Why bring this crap to London? We already have our own foolishness for black folks over here. Arghhhhhhh
I see you got nuff posts up chick? Catch up? When you making it to the UK?

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