Jet Laggin'

Hey Snobbers,
I know its been a minute seen I've posted anything on this poor forsaken blog...
But like a Jay-Z farewell album, ya know i'll be back soon.

(Disclaimer: Culture Snobber does not support Jay Z's tired-ass career (his best work is about drugs, the exact same topic as his first album), nor American Gangster (I know glorification when I see it;... I do have a Bachelor's in Media Studies dammit!!)

So I arrived in London this morning. (super excited, any who knows me, knows that this I where is come to cheat on Brooklyn...sorry BK. It's not you, it's me. I just gotta do me. Truthfully, it's all them damn Condos popping up, but whateva...) And after jet laggin' my tired backside around my family's house, I decided that it was time I pick up my lovely little blog.

I'll be keeping you guys updated about this trip, my cultural findings, possible complaints and new obsessions. This week is shaping up to be something official!!
New Museums, Book Reports (i'm probably the only excited about that one), Restaurant Reviews, and Field Trips Galore and UK Culture with a Capital C!!

London's Calling and Culture Snobette is not afraid to pick up!!

And PS: My UK Cousins are NOT HAPPY about BET being in the UK. See y'all I come from good stock, all The Dyers know what time it is!!

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