Flashing Lights 2.0

While I have very mixed feelings about Kanye West... My sentiments about his new video are sure....

I appreciate the whole "everyday day life as a photoshoot motif", it says so much about pop culture and most importantly the mentality of many females today. The storyline is unfortunate yet so true to life. Living in NYC, for a while that seemed to be the main topic of news of for so long. The City Business bureau even clamped down on the issuing of liquor licenses to new venues in response to young women going missing after a night of wild partying.

there is so much i can say on this topic, but check out the video and tell me what you think.


Ackime Snow said...

wow someone had to take a lot of photos to make that video

Anonymous said...

So...I love the message of the video as much as you did, Snobette. Though, I honestly lost focus at several points of the video. I find that thats the case with me and most of Kanye's videos.