Haring reBorn

Strolling down the Bowery tonight, on the way to Whole Foods of course, I stumbled across this artsy throwback
This is an original mural by Keith Haring still in the damn wall !!!
How amazing is that?!?! One could only pray to have that kind of artistic impact on the world.

If you don't know about Mr. Haring, READ SOMETHING DAMMITT!
If you're practicing unprotected sex GET SOME CONDOMS
And you can thank the Deitch Project for this throwback.


the jodiest said...

I have been a keith haring fan since the 80's. I had to write a paper on him in college for a art history class. I also like basquiat and that whole crew. Keith Haring seems like a strange cool dude. I did a tribute piece to haring to along with this 11 page paper I wrote for this art history class in hopes of getting some extra credit. The teacher didn't budge and I got a B+ on the paper. Without keith haring, MTV in the early 80's wouldn't have made it.

Anonymous said...

I'm also a big fan of Keith Haring. My friend asked me the other day, what's so good about these simply drawn figures? Even I can draw it. And I went through telling her his life stories and the meaning of his artworks etc etc. But couldn't answer why the artwork itself is so good that its loved by people all around the world.?