Any one who even remotely knows me, knows that SS08 for me is all about the Gays.
I've been talking and dancing like a gay, specifically the Banjee ones, so profusely that on numerous occaisons my boyfriend has threatened to drop my flaming ass!!
So when one of my bestest G buddies put me on to Hercules and Love Affair, I ate it up like a 2 piece and a biscuit

Hercules is this amazing ensemble group of singers, musicians and voguers, (yes bitch I said voguers!!)

Their song "Blind" was on my MySpace for the like, forever and sparked many compliments on my "in the know"-ness; which is always a good thing.

Watch it. Eat it. Live it.

Get tour dates, downloads, info and more at Hercules and Love Affair Website.

And shoutout to Shayne and Lacole, le Voguers. WEERRRKKK!!!

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