More like Jacob the Jailer....

If you take a moment to scroll down you'll notice that I've placed mad labels on this post. I guess I'm having a hard time categorizing this foolishness.

(In)Famous jeweler of the Hip Hop Glitterati, Jacob Arabov aka Jacob the Jeweler, was sentenced to 30 months in prison and was slapped with a 2 million dollar fine this week.

"I got that work!!"

The crime?? Laundering Money, to the tune of over $270 million in narcotics earnings for a Detroit-based drug ring. No, that wasn't a typo...I said Detroit Drug Ring Fool!!!

My 2 cents: if hes working with over 270 million, you're only gonna fine him 2 million???
I can't get over the whole drug ring thing (unintentional rhyming, my bad).
I knew his ass was a little to interested in rap music.

Shit, I'm been Black since I was born and truthfully, I'm over rap music.



Anonymous said...

Business as usual....

Read the book:
"Mc Mafia"
by Misha Glenny

Ackime Snow said...

Thats something short of lite for me...

J2d9 aka Trinigyul said...

I never liked his pieces anyway. I guess it suited the idiots he was working/making it for.

Anonymous said...

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