I gotta crush on you, I love me some you!!

Yes Snobbers, ya girl is in love!!

I just saw his latest film Elegy, in which he plays British Professor who has an affair with his student, Penelope Cruz, and this crush official.

Ben Kingsley is my 65 year old DILF. (Dad I'd Like to ......well you know)
I was feeling him in The Wackness but I wanted to make sure it wasn't puppy love or the 2 Coconut Margaritas that had before the movie.... But after Elegy, I'm certain he is the ONE!

There is something about older men that just get me going.... their self assuredness(NOTE: not a real word), the fact that they've had numerous lovers ensuring that they know how to romance a woman, or maybe its the fact that his Social Security and Pension are about to kick in... I dunno.
But either way, I'm into him DEEP!



J2d9 aka Trinigyul said...

You know I won't judge. I like the strangest dudes as well. So why did I read the synopsis of this movie a month ago and put a note in poddy to remind me to go watch it? Get out of my head chick, lol

Ackime Snow said...

Ben Kingsley is alright, but he is no Mickey Rourke

PDB said...

LOL! Girl you are the best ...DILF?! ROFL. But I must admit he had me at Ghandi (yeah I know)...

zachary said...

your gross!!!

J2d9 aka Trinigyul said...

Watched it. Made me cry. That's all.