Spit That!!! : Open Mic Sessions

Attention all Snobbers and Aspiring Poets:


After bringing you more than a year of innovative Spoken Word performances, packed houses and live music, this avant-guard collective is passing the mic to YOU!! That's right y'all; you know their work (The infamous "Pussy" poem by Kesed), you've been awed by their stage presence (Falu's "Helicopters"), and you've been inspired by their creativity (RIP's "The Box"). Now the cypher continues with this weekly open mic show held at the YUME Loft space. Make sure to come out early (before it gets hella crowded), bring your friends, bring some drank money (oh yes! wine and beer), and bring that poem you've been working on.

Also check out the new Writer's Block Blog, "The Block". Its sure to be the new spot for the latest in music, culture, and the arts. (2nd place that is, after the greatness that is Critique de Culture!)

See you there mofos!!
Yume Bklyn
925 Bergen bet. Franklin and Classon
Only $5 for all that culture....can't beat that price with a stick!!!

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