I Wants None of It !!! Joe the Plumber ain't havin it!

Apparently America's favorite plumber, Joe, is none too pleased with all of the limelight hes been receiving of recent. The Associated Press reported yesterday that Joe the Plumber aka Joe Wurzelbacher is upset with the public scrutiny and media attention that has snowballed since his meeting Sen. Barack Obama on the campaign trail.

Joe the Plumber has been unable to work and carry on with his normal life due to the reporters and cameras camped out on his front lawn. After being referenced more than 20 times in the final presidential debate, Wurzelbacher has become a key figure in the personification of "Small Town America".

Don't worry Joe, your 15 minutes will be over soon enough and then you can get back to uncloggin toilets.

In other related news, the wesites www.JoeSixpack.net and www.JoeThePlumber.com have seen record high traffic for all the wrong reasons.



Ana B. said...

We all know Joe isn't even a plumber but how about I heard that he hasn't paid taxes in a sec! That's why he doesn't want all the media attention.

J2d9 aka Trinigyul said...

His name isn't joe and he's not a plumber. Damn idiot! Why doesn't McCain highlight Tito the builder more???? Oh wait maybe for the same reasons we never see his daughter Bridget. Did you just ask Bridget who??? lol