Field Trip Report : Girls Dream in Color

Hey Snobbers,
Yesterday was another uber beautiful day in BK with loads to do and see.
I attended the opening of Girls Dream in Color, an all female art exhibit hosted at the boutique Harriet's Alter Ego.
Presented by Lichiban of WrongLips and Yah of Cocolah.com the exhibit, entitled "Baby Let Me Show You What Love Is...", yielded a packed house. On display were the works of Cee the Photographer, Sara White, Cassi Gibson, Lichiban, (That Kid) Texas of the New Pop, and a horde of other talented ladies.
Peep the Picks:


A Work in Progress, Literally: The ladies of evening contribute to a live-art collage.

Full House

Make sure to follow the links and check out all of these ladies. They're doing big things and making BK and Femininity damn proud!

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LICHIBAN said...

Just found your post through a google search.
Thanks so much for the support! Much appreciated...I'll be posting some flix from the show.
thanks again,