Coco avant Chanel

Get ready bitches.... if you thought the devil wore Prada? Wrong!!...he wears Chanel and many strands of pearls and 5 inch heels and pantyhose and fancies red lipstick.
...and 'no' Karl Lagerfeld is not the devil but he did style the movie.

It doesn't take a psychic or a genius or even a high school drop-out to guess that Lifetime wonked up Gabrielle Coco Chanel biography. Truthfully, they should be ashamed to have even attempted it...They casted Shirley MacLaine and the movie was in ENGLISH DAMMITT!!

So hopefully somebody got it right this time. Written and directed by Anne Fontaine, Coco Avant/Before Chanel focuses on the Chanel's early years: the people and events made her in to the icon we cherish today.

Coco at work.

Filming began in early summer last year and its said to premiering next month.
Looks like its gonna be FIERCE!!
Ok, now all in favor of permanently retiring the word FIERCE say Aye?
Aye...I'm actually quite ashamed that I even used it....please forgive me I know not what I do.

Audrey Tatou as Gabrielle Coco Chanel.

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