Eating Down Bottom

This is how you know that you're below the Mason Dixon Line......

This is a steak...... wrapped in Applewood Bacon.

Well maybe steak isn't your thang....The Lard Innovators over at The Golden Corral also serve Chicken Breast wrapped in Bacon. Or if you're really ballin' outta control, pop some champagne with your Grilled Pork Loin, you guessed it, wrapped in Bacon.

It even has its own commercial....that plays regularly on TV.

Am I the only grossed the Eff-out and hella confused right now??

Say 'Hello' to heartburn and Git Some at The Golden Corral

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e.jay said...


That's a sad imitation of a bacon wrapped filet mignon or whatever that tiny steak w/ the thin bacon slice around it is. I could never stomach that, and they wanna do an "everything's-big-in-Texas" version? Yuck, yuck, yuck.

*brb, vomiting*