Oh Lord, Why won't Blogger Let Me Be Great?

Hello Critique de Culture readers and non-readers.

I write to you today with a heavy heart.
My aspirations of grandeur and blogging-success have once again been thwarted by Blogger. While I'm not blaming Blogger for my fits of laziness, I will blame them and their formatting-nonsensical-red-tape-bull shit for hindering my creative output.

Exhibit A: the post below "Once Ripe, Now Luminous" was written about 10 days ago. My first attempt at publishing was unsuccessful because one paragraph magically dissapperard off the page and would not return. Also note, the first paragraph is in a different font from the rest of the post.....long story short the devil is busy.

Please bare with me whilst I wrestle this demon. We will be victorious Snobbers.

Sincerley yours,

Culture Snobette

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