Bopping about town, south of 14st that is, one can come across many people. Given. And of those people, this is an enclave of talented, driven and creative individuals. Given. And of this enclave, there is an even smaller niche of creatives that are truly working and hustling to bring their visions to life. Given. And of this niche there is a handful that will see the promise of their talent and hard work come to fruition. Not so given. And of this handful, I have met Folasade Ologundudu.

RIPE, Ologundudu’s first foray into jewelry, celebrated the voluptuous forms and the feminine mystic. Inspired by the sophistication of her male counterparts and noticing the absence of jewelry that suited their avant garde style, she created LUMINARY to fill the void.

The Guillotine Bracelet and The Blind Ring

With this new line entitled The Space Blockade; Ologundudu shifts her focus from the supple sinuous silhouette of RIPE to the asymmetry and angular form of LUMINARY. Architecture, geometry and negative spaces served as components for the visual synthesis of these jewels. A lesson in contrasts to say the least, Ologundudu shows that she is no one trick pony when it comes to her art.

The Modern Architect Earring

The Guillotine Cutter

Defining a LUMINARY as “one who inspires others , leading light” Miss Ologundudu invites us to share “our experiences and ideas, our passions and dreams, in the most intimate of ways; in the way you dress, style yourself, and see the world around you.”

See the light and get into The Space Blockade at Luminary Collective.com

PS: She did the Art direction for the amazing-ass look book too!

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