Read This Fools: Che the 2nd Coming

We've all seen this image plastered on any and everything that they can stick a price tag on. In Peru it sells air fresheners, in Switzerland snowboards and vino (wine for you uncultured few) in Italy. And let's not forget when Jay Z donned a Che T Shirt for his MTV Unplugged, how it sparked a mainstream hip hop fad; had all the hood dudes running to SOHO to cop one.

Michael Casey's book Che's Afterlife tracks down the origins of the photo and its reincarnation into today's iconic logo.

Che's Afterlife

In this bracing and keenly observed book, Mr. Casey traces how Korda’s photograph became one of the most widely disseminated images in the world, how Che went from being a symbol of resistance to the capitalist system to one of the most marketable and marketed brands around the globe, how the guerrilla fighter became a logo as recognizable as the Nike swoosh or McDonald’s golden arches.
-Michiko Kakutani, The New York Times

Korda holding the 3 Cuban Peso.

Crazy lil Fact: the photographer Alberto Diaz Gutierrez, also known as Korda, originally took the photo at a funeral in 1960. In some early predecessor of PhotoShop, Korda crops the pic, erases the trees nearby and removes another man in the background. Only in 1997 was Korda able to collect the royalties of his work. Korda dies in 2001!! He only got 4 years of profits on his work from 40 years earlier. Damn Son....Charge it to tha game!!

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