Just call me Macaroni Toni

I don't know what it is about Mac and Cheese that makes people so happy.
Little kid and full grown adults go CRAZY for a bowl of mac and cheese.

I guess having S'mac, the East Village eatery dedicated to the stuff, just wasn't enough; so the good folks at Cafeteria and Delicatessen seem to be putting the finishing touches on Mac Bar.

Wedged in between McKnally bookstore and the already-open Delicatessen, Mac Bar is rumoured to be dishing out 12 unique varieties of Mac and Cheese.
While Delicatessen is a depository for douche bags with so-so cuisine, I hope the comfort food at Mac Bar will be well-worth the trouble of fending the lame and drunken masses.

The first week of July is the tentative date for the opening.
Mark your calendars Gluttons.....I sure did!
And stay tuned for a full-on Food Porn Review

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J2d9 aka Trinigyul said...

So you, me and this place have a date when I come to NYC.