Reason # Fifty-eleven Hunred

Why I heart NY Mag......

They just pulled Ciara's card.

Beyonce, Gaga and Rihanna should, and quite possibly could, collectively sue for infringement.

And why is she rocking Cornrows on in 2009?!?!
Girl you just box yourself out by doing nonsense like that.
Really tho....you can't be rocking Maison Martin Margiela & Alexander Wang with cornrows.
You just can't!

If you're willing to spend that much on a bomb-ass stylist to borrow that stuff for you (I know you didn't buy it); spend a tad more on your yaki-game.
Cuz this tired drawstring ponytail from senior prom, is not gonna make it.

BTWss cop yours here EARLY !!!!! Its 18 inches for JUST $9.99

ANYHOO....I didn't get up and blog to spread negativity today, but rather love.
You know what Biggie said "Spread Love its the Brooklyn Way"
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toohot2breal25 said...

I agree..When I look at cira I see no style at all she just looks plain ackward...If your a real fashionista you will own every outfit..Most of the time she reminds me of the girls from the high School basketball team.. You know exactly what I mean

Ackime Snow said...

That was really funny hahahaha