Diary of a Hustla!!

Yo, so i finally got my lazy ass out of bed and down to willamsburg to flip some barely worn clothes into COLD HARD CASH

The first stop was Buffalo Exchange on Driggs ave

I had heard many comparisons of Buffalo and Beacon's; some good some not so good.
Either way if they'd buy the shit i was slingin'...then they're fine by me.

Unfortunately: this place was a shithole: they're buying practices are lame. They only wanted items from current seasons, which is absolutely ridiculous. And they have no innate sense of style; which can severly thwart one's attempts to bump last season's mis-purchases and let-downs.

Let me put it to u this way...if i saw one more J Crew v-neck for $40, i was gonna storm out the door, holding back the vomit that their poor selection induced.

So from all my good shit they bought, a dress and a pair of Skiing gloves
SUB TOTAL: $17.55

Next I was on to that old stalwart of second and vintage shopping, Beacon's Closet

Now i've had good days and bad days at Beacon's and recently i was on the verge of ruling them out of my shopping rotation. but today they redeemed themselves.
At the selling counter i bumped into a stylist friend of mine, we started catching up and the associates over heard which Fly ASS Store i work for. I'm pretty sure that helped to sway their purchases from me...but shit, it ain't gonna hurt nobody!!

So Beacon's came thru and picked up most of my things for really good price (ex: the bought a dress for $25, and i paid $5 for it. NICE!)
I don't know what Buffalo was thinking, but they missed out on my Goodies!!!
SUB TOTAL: $39.75


So i hopped back on the L train with an extra $57.30 in my pocket. And trust me, any smart working stiff knows that $57.30 can go a long way.

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