By the Way, Meet My Homies Writer's Block

Hey Culture Snobbers out there, I wanna introduce you to my Spoken Word family Writer's Block.

This artist collective consist of a rotating cast of colorful and super-talented characters: Kesed Ragin, Soulful Jones, Falu, Jason Reynolds, Shanelle Gabrielle and last but definitely not least, the leader of the pack, RIP.

Each artist has reached heights of notoriety in their own right and under the suggestion of RIP have joined forces to destroy the existence of sucky poetry (no finger snapping please!!),and to knock the spoken word scene on its ass!!

Hmmm reminds me of another group......

I, Culture Snobbette, know all of them personally, and can attest to their lyrical capabilities, (ie: they are all FIERCE on the mic).

Therefore, it is soo very necessary to catch their debut performance at the Bowery Poetry Club on December 20 at The Black Power Poetry Party!!

Writer's Block is teaming up A.L.I.E.N. , the omniscient downtown extraterrestrials, to bring y'all this fly ass poetry set and super party.

Check Out their Trailer, and feel free to hit up their Myspace for more tracks and pics.


Jill said...

I love RIP. Sucks he has a girlfriend that thinks she's cute....lolol
I have my office christmas party that night on the upper west side, so I'll do my best to make it to the show after. Finals will be done and I'll be a free woman for a few months.

Anonymous said...

Waddup cuz..
I like the lil crew still. I aint really with da spoken word.. rhyming wit no beats stuff.. but I was feeling what was shown. when I`m in N.Y. next I`ll have to go to one of their shows. Anyways Nice blog ..keep up the goodness.

why I hear yuh mout all in de background of de vid??


Poochie Lue said...

I met the guy that owns that Writer's Block