Without Further Ado.... I Give you M.I.A.

So here it is in a nutshell: Atrice, Sam and Culture Snobette journeyed to a far away land, Philly, to witness the sounds and sights of the MIA, Santogold & Cool Kids Tour.

Santi was up first. I had the privilege of bumping into her on the streets of the east village a couple of weeks prior to the concert, and i truly like her. Santi's music is soo different than what most artists are pushing right now. And though there are many comparisons to her and MIA, upon further listening they become apples and oranges. Not to mention that she was one of the geniuses behind Res's Album
How I Do back in 2001.

Her live performance great, and towards the end of her set she brought on SpankRock and Amanda Blank to do Loose (aka She ain't nuthin but a hootchie mama).


After Santi ripped, then came the Cool Kids. Who, unfortunately I just couldn't get with. They rapped about Bikes (black Mags or some nonsense like that), sneakers and other boy-stuff that just was not meant to be Snob-Approved....Simply not my cup of tea.

BOY #2 of The Cool Kids
Boy#1 wouldn't stand still long enough for a proper shot.

Next we had the Main Event, the Meat & potatoes, the center piece of this 3 ring circus, MIA.

MIA came out looking like a cross between George Clinton and DanceHall Queen 2025!!

She stood behind this sparkly podium thing and queued up her visual art for each song.

MIA had crazy energy during her performance, which included the ubiquitous stage dive, followed by a full lap around the crowd.

She closed her encore with Paper Planes, a song that brags of her abilities to produce visas, "I make 'em all day, ... I'll get one down in a second if you wait" are her words to be exact. But much to the contrary MIA mentioned during her encore that this was her last performance in the states and that she probably wouldn't be back for a while; she garbled something about having to wait till bush was out of office(1/20/09 in case you're wondering).

Well. we're glad we got our piece of MIA while we could.....

Oh and by the way, those 3 obnoxious girls bullying their way to the front, stepping on your shoes and laughing at your foreign clothes...yeah that was us

Great success!!!


Jae said...

MIA is wack Dee...
I'm sorry. But she is weird.

J2d9 aka Trinigyul said...

Nah she's just different. I would love to experience her live. Alot of these artists are better live. Recordings just don't give you the full flavour.
That Philly trip sounds like it was a laugh :o) Bully chicks!