Questionable Cover-age

Fact #245 about Culture Snobette: I am a Newsstand Addict!!
I absolutely adore magazines and publications in general and have been known to spend large amounts of Other People's Money on my voracious mag appetite.
So as apart of my self-imposed 12 Steps, I no longer have to buy each mag that I want/NEED. Thanks to steps 6 & 7, I can now simply peruse the covers, smell the pages and leave Universal News with my fix fully satisfied.

Anyway, while browsing the racks, I came across a few covers that were questionable to say the least, and others that were in clear Violation of The Culture Code of Ethics.

First up was Marie Claire

Christina, Whoring out your pregnancy for media coverage is a sad and dangerous game...We all saw what happened to Britney.... Now they only see mommy on saturdays and sundays between 12-4.


Next up is KING

Now while I don't really expect much from this urban men's mag...I do expect more from it's cover girl Angel Melaku. Her parents are Ethiopian and Trinidadian and I hope they raised her better than this. Even if she is trying to parlay this videoHo thang (and yes, i did say thang!!) into an acting, singing, heck even book deal, she must know that know one is gonna take her seriously with such a huge ass. Point blank.
For further inspection

Hate to break it to ya...but you'll be doing bootie mags and BET Uncut till that thing starts to sag.
By the way Real or Fake????


Last and definitely least is XXL

Lil Wayne. I'm over it. Period.

Coming from someone that grew up on AND with hip hop, someone who pressed their face to the window as The Notorious BIG's motorcade rolled pass that bleak day in Brooklyn, someone who has walked with the Greats (okay, maybe not all of that, but I was at an LL Cool J videoshoot and shook his hand).....Lil Wayne is neither great, nor good, muchless is his crap acceptable to anyone who has even heard of the word quality.

If you wanna listen to crappy hip hop while you're up in the club (Lil John & Ying Yang Twins), or even when you're taping your friends for YouTube (Chicken Noodle Soup & Soulja Boy), that's all well and good. But please people, Please I Implore you, don't exhalt these carbon copy "rappers" to the heights of Biggie, Tupac, Big L, Rakim.

And Most importantly "DON'T BELIVE THE HYPE" - Public Enemy


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J2d9 aka Trinigyul said...

Speaka the truth my sista!
Thats why we is blood cause you could have taken alllll of them comments outta my head! (thief! lol)