Colette x GAP

I'm sure you heard about this one by now.
But feel free to file this one under Weirdest collaborations ever...

The boutique of Parisian cool, Colette, is teaming up the the chain of coporate American Lame, The GAP, to produce its first ever mini-shoppe in the US.
The Colette x GAP pop up shop will open for one month(September 6th to October 5th), adjacent to the flagship GAP on 5th ave and 54th street.

Now, I've been to Colette (International Snobette Oui Oui!!)and I've been to the GAP (regretfully so), and I still don't see how these two polar opposite enterprises are gonna mesh well. Hopefully, Colette will have all of the creative control and the GAP will simply foot the bill like a good ole' SugarDaddy!!

Looking homeless outside of Colette.

Lost like a true tourist.

The Pop up store will feature special collaborations by Andre x Neckface, Miss Tic x Claw Money, SO-ME x EPSO and Jean Phillipe Delhomme x Ruben Toledo.
See ColettexGAP.com for more info.

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