THIS JUST IN...Common Really Was Badu's Bitch!!

Yess People I said it!!
And Common confirms it in the July issue of Elle Magazine.
Common aka "Sensitive Thug"

ELLE: What’s the worst thing a woman ever said to you?

: “I don’t want to be with you anymore and I’m really liking this other dude.”
Thats effing cold man... I wish a dude would tell me that...I'd stab his ass, no questions asked!
But wait it gets better, Elle mag quickly narrows it down and uncovers Ms. Badu as the culprit.

ELLE: That pretty much covers the biggies. How long had you been with this particular woman?

: It started in 2001 and ended in 2003.

: Oh, so this must have been Erykah Badu. I didn’t know she left you for another guy.

: It wasn’t all at once. She left me, then eventually she said she liked another guy. It was tough, man. I was heartbroke for months. That was one of the biggest love lessons I ever had.

: What exactly was the lesson?

: That no matter how much you love somebody, you’ve got to love yourself first. If you’re truly loving yourself, you won’t allow some things to go down, and you’ll have boundaries. I was so in love that I gave up certain things about me, and that showed a lack of love for myself. It turned out to be such a big blessing that we broke up, because I got that lesson. I actually wrote a children’s book about it called I like You But I Love Me.

Now don't get me wrong ... I LUV me some Common. But Homegirl breaks your heart and you write a children's book?!?! WTF?!?!
But wait theres more......

ELLE: Were there things you did in the relationship you now regret?

: Planting flowers with her one time. I look back now and go, Man, I really didn’t want to do that.

Its all in the hair man....

Clearly I'm hustling backwards, cuz my "Goodies" don't be having nobody writing Chil'rens books, planting flowers, dressing weird and what not. Obviosuly I need to enroll the Badu School of Pussy Whippin' where the Sky is the Limit to what you punanny can do for you.

Now you know you didn't pick out your outfit...

Here is the link to the entire article on ELLE's Website.
And incase you wanted to secure your copy of Common's Chil'rens Book, Cop that on Amazon where gift wrapping is available.


J2d9 aka Trinigyul said...

Where did you read that? Where?! I so wish I was Serena right now. Common can soooooooo catch it!

J2d9 aka Trinigyul said...

Thank you. That was worth it.
He got real and I appreciate that. That brother was whipped beyond. He even changed his style and I remember him in Essence talking about gardening. I love Eryka but she like some man in in woman's body who also messes with some voodoo. I will officially hurt a woman like that if she played one of my brothers!
But secretly I wish I could make a brother that gaga, hehehehe

jason said...

common sucks ass AB/NRML rocks

NatalieB said...

That shit is hilarious. I just picture him huffing and puffing planting lilacs and thinking, damn, the shit i do for punanny! love it.

Anonymous said...

Thats some classic sht. Erykah is the black widow spider, I keep tryna tell yall n!gg@$. And D you dont need to be wippin No-Body, you hear me?!


Anonymous said...

your blog is definitely entertaining (taye).......like this dude next to me is saying, "she got that bombay under dem jeans aka that good good" Omar-

T-Bird said...

I Like You, But I Love Me....LOL. Is he serious? Go off Erykah, she must got that good lovin to make him go through it like that....umm, where can I find that book tho.

the jodiest said...

WOW! First she did andre 3000 like that and then common and then the D.O.C. and now jay electronica. The D.O.C. use to be with NWA and erykah had him wearing burlap pants and talking about going green. What's the deal with erykah badu and her power-U? Is it sunshine liquor or just some southern good-good? Yall northern city folks don't know about that sunshine liquor. I can't believe the brotha was planting flowers. He was planting flowers. SHE PLAYED A VOODOO PREISTRESS IN THE NEW VERSION OF BLUES BROTHERS. Common is a great lyricist and I hope the brotha marries serena. Serena Williams should be cast to play the new Cleopatra Jones with that frame and she got more junk in the trunk than erykah badu. We should ease up on the brotha, we have all done some crazy things in the name of love.


Etisha said...

wow. that was almost disturbing. I hope he had fun while it lasted , but if he's writing a children's book in an effort to heal he probably didn't.

zachary said...

he is Common by day...and Andre J. by night.....4realz!