I always wanted to be Dawn....

En Vogue.

The original members: Dawn, Maxine, Terry, Cindy.

I thought it was a cruel joke when i heard that they performed at the BET Awards in June.
So of course I wet my panties with excitement as I watched the YouTube clip.
True talent never fades. My girls still got it!!

God must be really smiling on me
.....Cuz i finally get to see them LIVE!!!
@ B. B. Kings Blues Club.
August 23, 2008
Cop 'em at Ticketmaster

Oh and in case you forgot....

And another one....

Excuse me, while I go change my pants


the jodiest said...

Envogue has always been hot. As a brotha who appreciates black women, I gotta say the song and video "giving him something he can feel" is awesome. These sistas are fly and should never, ever be compared to destiny's child cause beyonce is wack!

jody harris aka the jodiest

J2d9 aka Trinigyul said...

how cool is that! How I wish I was going.