The Film School Dropout: Soundtrackin'

Hey Snobbers,
so speaking of soundtracks....
I thought I'd feature some of my fave muzicall moments in some of my fave films.

First up is the Strip club scene is "Closer". Natalie Portman lets is all hang out, while Clive Owen jizzes in his pants. As the scene draws to a close the moody and heady "How Soon is Now?" by the Smiths drones on in the background.

Hable Con Ella (Talk to Her)...what can I really say about this masterpiece.
(WARNING SUPER FAN ALERT!!) I am truly in awe of Pedro Almodovar, the genius auteur of this moving and poignant film. Brazilian singer Caetano Veloso adds gravity to this scene with his rendition of the Mexican ballad "Cucurrucucu Paloma".

Never taking myself too seriously, I had to throw in the hood classic "Baby Boy"!
I actually went to see this movie in the theaters....and I've never been the same since. "Life is about Guns and Butter"...So chock-full-of great quotes dammit!
Director John Singleton throws in the Bootsy Collins jam "I'd Rather Be With You"



Filmaria said...

Your imagination is very high, I don't understand why you are a drop out of film school... All the soundtracks you have in your post are excellent I liked them a lot...

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