Wiley for The Night: Kehinde at Deitch

If you're missed out on Miami Art Basel like me, thank the Art gods that we can still get "DOWN" in NYC!!

In case you didn't know, its imperative that you stop by the Deitch galleries to check out DOWN the latest showing from NY-based artist Kehinde Wiley.
I've already gone twice, and I'm sure I'll be back again before it closes on December 20.

photo courtesy of The Fader.com

DOWN is a exhibition of large scale works by Mr. Wiley, where his Jamals-from-'round-the-way subjects become "historical paintings and sculptures of fallen warriors and figures in a state repose."

With the heavy sensual overtones present in DOWN's paintings, Wiley transforms these heroic classical milieus into thugesque-come-hither vulnerable moments.

Previous painting, not featured in DOWN

Mr. Wiley's use of everyday Joe...err Jerome Schmoes combines the schools of Neoclassicism and Realism all at once. Reminiscent of Jean-Francois Millet's Realism, Wiley disrupts the status quo by placing the marginalized at the forefront of a large canvas. In Millet's time, it was his use of Provencal peasants that received much criticism.

The Gleaners by Millet

While Wiley keeps it real, he also adopts the posture and silhouette of Neoclassical painters such as Jacques-Louis David. Namely David's Death of Marat comes to mind when I look at the figures of/in DOWN.

The Death of Marat by David

Well enough of my amateur pontificatin'....

go and see for yourselves!!

All this goodness has been brought to you by the good people at Deitch Projects

and the genius mind of Kehinde Wiley


TheUrbanChattier said...
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TheUrbanChattier said...

I usually shy away from art, simply because it's more than just admiring pictures or paintings - but understanding (I guess) the complexity behind the art.

I particuarly love the painting of the man and horse. Very beautiful. Honestly I don't think I've ever seen a "oil painting"....I think thats what it is....of a black man on a horse. What type of uniform is he wearing???

Anyway, I enjoyed :-)