Pirates in 2008.....really now?!?

Ya gots to be shittin' me......
AP News Wire reported this morning that pirates (thats right ladies and gentlemen, PIRATES), attacked a US cruise ship in an attempted hijacking.

(Pause for effect)

The M/S Nautica, on a 32 day cruise from Rome to Singapore, was off the shores of Somalia when two pirate-carrying speed boats opened fire. I couldn't make this shit up people even if I tried.

Its 2008 y'all. Mofos barely 'jack cars anymore much less mutha-effing ocean liners.
Is the economy really that bad and we have to resort to Prehistoric crimes to make ends meet? Let me guess...next they're gonna start stealing livers and kidneys or some other ancient nonsense.
Thievery is never the answer....We all tryna make a dollar out of 15 cents dammit!!

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