new year, same old BS

well hopefully not for me..
i'm whole heartedly want to get things on track this year.
i'm finally graduating from college this january.
and pending a vacation in paris, i'm sure i'll have some grand scheme for the world domination, (the world...ehhh, ok we'll start with flatbush).
either way stick with your girl and we'll see great things together... stay tuned baby, get rid of that hangover

and get into those new year resolutions

.....or maybe not.
but lets get it together my people and make the most out of this bitch '08.


J2d9 aka Trinigyul said...

Happy new year Chick!
You put up 2 posts already for 2008? Big things indeed.
Love u like a Mai Tai :o)

Etisha said...

Happy New Year? Hell, I still have your christmakwanakkuh gift in my purse all wrapped up. Can we get that out of the way first??